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on December 1, 2018


As readers this week, students learned that stories are a wonderful way to learn more about different cultures around the world. Students read to understand that although cultures have many differences, they also share many similarities. Readers will make connections to different cultures. Towards the end of the week, readers will learn a very important reading sill- making inferences.

Making an inference means to figure out the story’s meaning by activating our own personal experiences, reading “between the lines” and understanding information that is implied, not directly stated.

Writers continued to plan and start to draft their ideas that they have generated from last week.  As we are in an open genre unit, ask your child, “what kind of book they are writing?” And “what is the topic?” And “who do you want to read your book to once it is complete?” We will engage in a series of strategy groups around goal setting, organizing our writing, working with partners, and developing spelling strategies.


As mathematicians, we focused three objectives this week: 

Objective 1: Apply the distributive property and the fact 9 = 10 – 1 as a strategy to multiply.
Objective 2: Identify and use arithmetic patterns to multiply.
Objective 3: Interpret the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve problems.

As you can see from the picture below, one strategy we like to use is to check our work with a classmate. This can help us notice our mistakes as well as give us the opportunity to coach (or teach) others to understand.

Unit of Inquiry: 

Central Idea: Communities Create & Share Diverse Cultural experiences and stories.  

This week, students continued to learn from each other though sharing stories and reading about cultural experiences. In the pictures below, you can see how we have connected important key concepts from this unit to our own lives. 

Before Next Friday: Please send in any traditional games, old family photos, or books you have that support your cultural experiences. We will create a  “3B Culture Museum”. Even if it’s a book about visiting Vietnam or an expired passport, we can talk about how our experiences have shaped our own culture and identity. We ask that each child try to bring in at least one artifact for our “Culture Museum” before Friday, Dec. 7th. The objects will be kept safe at school and sent home the following week. 

Thank you! 

Social/Emotional Learning: Internet Safety with Mr. Bywater

On Wednesday, Mr. Bywater taught an amazing lesson on how we can keep safe on the internet. Just read the responses below on what we should do if we notice something inappropriate pop up on our device:

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