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Multiplication Magicians, Super Summarisers and Crazy for Quilting!

on December 7, 2018

Reading Workshop

          As readers this week, we thought deeper about using sticky notes to explain our thinking as we read. We discovered new ways to use a sticky note including sketching, revising and writing longer. Towards the end of the week we learned the difference between retelling and summarising. 

Retelling is when you use the author’s words to tell what happened in detail.

Summarising is when you highlight the most important parts and use your own words. 

         Next week, we will receive a Reading Journal to compile our best sticky notes as well as record our summaries, predictions, and thoughts we have on the books we read. The picture below shows us teaching our KC buddies how we use sticky notes to record our thinking: 

Writing Workshop

         As writers this week, we continued to moving through the writing process in our personal stories. In connection to our UOI, we are writing a personal story about a conflict we had and how we solved it. We focused on organisation within our paragraphs and sentences this week as well as using mentor texts to improve our craft.

Math Workshop

         As mathematicians, we used hands-on tools to focus on identifying and using arithmetic patterns to multiply as well as interpreting the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve problems. Using the tools to represent a number makes it easier for us to understand and work out our problems. 

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are 

   Central Idea: Communities create and share diverse cultural experiences and stories.

            This week we worked on our “Culture Quilts” to represent who we are and what we represent. Just look how beautiful they are turning out! When we are done drawing on our piece of fabric, it will be made into a real quilt over the Winter Break!

Today, we will come home and ask our parents to share stories about your past. The stories can relate to childhood experiences. Maybe if you ever had to move? Maybe a story about making a friend? Maybe a story about losing a friend? Maybe  a story about a time you traveled and didn’t understand how to do something (order food, get a train ticket). The stories do not need to be deep, just share something about your past related to having a “cultural” experience.

          Thank you! To the students who have sent in an item for our “Culture Museum” It’s really coming along. If you haven’t sent them in yet, it’s not too late! Next week is ok, too. 

Some ideas are:

-Traditional games

-Musical instrument 

-Decorative object

-Photos of objects 

-Photos of family in traditional dress

-Photos of a traditional celebration

-Clothes that represent your culture

Thank you for your constant support!

~Ms. Edwards 


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