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Coding Experts, Cultural Communicators and Secret Santas!

on December 14, 2018

It was a very busy week before our Winter Break. We had a wonderful time sharing our cultural artifacts, our custom quilt piece and our Personal Stories with all of our grade 3 peers. This was a wonderful unit and we want to thank the parents for sharing their personal cultural stories as well. It was so interesting to read all of our experiences. Over the holiday, our quilt was finished. Just look and see how beautiful it turned out!

Learning to Code 

This week we participated in the international Hour of Code. We had a fantastic time learning how to innovate with robots, engage in coding apps and create animated animals using a code. A big THANK YOU to our eLearning coach, Mr. Sheppard for organizing this wonderful learning experience.

Secret Santas!

We had a wonderful celebration of friendship sharing our Secret Santa gifts with our friends. There were many smiles and “thank you’s” exchanged in our classroom before we left for a long break. A big thank you to our AMAZING 3B parents for all of your support and generous contributions this year!

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