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Reflective Readers, Persuasive Writers and Global Thinkers…

on January 11, 2019

Reading Workshop

This week we reflected upon the reading goals we set for ourselves last year and made new resolutions for our reading lives as well as our personal lives in 2019. We also began a new unit on Character Study. This week we put a strong emphasis on learning a broad range of “Colorful Adjectives” to describe characters in the stories we read. For example, instead of writing “My character is nice.” We learned to substitute nice for more descriptive words like: considerate, thoughtful, caring, etc. This will make us stronger writers as well! 

Parents- You may have noticed we also began logging our reading thoughts into our own Reading Journals this week. We will bring these journals home everyday along with our nightly book so our  parents can understand what we learned that day. We can also add more to our reading journals if we are feeling motivated!

Writing Workshop 

This week we launched a new unit of study in writing- Persuasive Writing. In this unit we will learn to write persuasive speeches, petitions and editorials to help make our community a better place.  We have really jumped right into this unit by immersing ourselves in the genre and noticing how writers persuade an audience to share their opinion.

To get us started, we worked together to write a persuasive letter to share with our assistant principal, Mrs. K. First, we agreed to a topic we are passionate about- having our own one-to-one iPads in third grade! Then we each wrote a letter convincing our SIS administration to give us 20 iPads per class. Finally, we discussed the best convincing points from our own letters and wrote one final letter together. Mrs. K was very impressed by our points, and had great constructive feedback to share with us.


Math Workshop

We were introduced to area as mathematicians this week. We used pattern blocks to tile given polygons without gaps or overlaps to determine the amount of two-dimensional space is within a region or shape. By the end of the week, we learned how to relate total area with multiplication of side lengths. Read below for parents tips for this unit.



Sharing the Planet

We are starting a new unit as scientists! Our central idea is “Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive.” This week we participated in many tuning in activities to provoke our thoughts and get our minds excited and curious about organisms surviving in their habitats, as well as learning from fossils about past organisms.

Central Idea: Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive. 

Lines of Inquiry:

•1. How organisms survive
2. Fossils are evidence of the past
3. Life cycles and traits
4. Environmental change

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