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on January 25, 2019


In writing this week, we have continued to move through the writing process, working on our persuasive speeches. We are trying to draw attention to editing strategies to “edit as we go!”  This involves growing in our their awareness around using capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar choices. Next week we will our speeches using green screen videos and posters.

In reading workshop, we started Book Clubs with our classmates. We were excited to chose our chapter books by our interest and our reading level.  We started collaborating with our Book Club team to discuss  our characters, their “sidekicks” and possible adversaries our character encounters. We started to track the journey of our the story using a “Story Mountain” to give a visual description of the adventures and problems that the characters in our stories  encounter. 

We also practiced reading “Like a Teacher” with our KC reading buddies. We know that reading “Like a Teacher” means to read with an exciting voice, using expression, pausing at punctuation and looking at the listener. We did an excellent job keeping our little readers engaged yesterday!


Math Workshop

As mathematicians will have applied our knowledge of area with an emphasis on real-world applications by solving word problems. The word problems provide a stepping-stone for our real-world, project-based application of area. We had fun practicing our multiplication skills playing a class game on www.kahoot.it Try it out as a family! 

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive.

Line of Inquiry Studied this Week: How do organisms survive?

This week we are working on learning more about life cycles, inherited behavioral traits and how animals survive. We have chosen our own animal to research and have started creating a poster to present our learning to the class.

Goodbye, Lisa! 

It’s been a tough week to say goodbye to our good friend, Lisa. We are so sad she is moving, but we are excited for the new adventures that await her and her family. Today we presented her with a special book of letters and pictures and we each signed the lucky “Goodbye Gecko” for Lisa, so that she can remember us. Good luck at your new school, Lisa! We know you will make lots of friends quickly, and you will forever remain our 3B Friend. We hope you can visit us!  In the International School setting, it’s never “goodbye” but “See you later!”


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