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Persuasive Writers, Researchers and Upstanders!

on February 22, 2019

Reading Workshop

In reading workshop this week, we had a wonderful time taking a long look at the characters in our chapter books and comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences in their personalities. We then gathered text evidence to have a mini-debate with our partner about our  characters- specifically discussing which characters are better problem solvers and why. 

We also had a fabulous time reading with our KC buddies. We did a fantastic job reading “like a teacher.” Which means using expression and voice to read like the character in the story. You can see on their faces how engaged that made our little learners!

Writing Workshop

As writers, we are wrapping up our learning around persuasive writing.  This week we went through the revising, editing and publishing process to prepare our essays to share with others. We enjoyed choosing from a menu of options in how to publish our writing including: make a poster, use green screen or create an iBook.  Next week we will launch new learning around Literary Non-fiction!

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we began comparing unit fractions. Using real-life examples and area models, we are understanding that when comparing fractions, the whole must be the same size. Finally, we learned that redefining the whole can change the unit fraction that describes the shaded part.

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

This week we are are digging deeper into the “why” animals are endangered and how living things effect the environment. Today we began researching an animal from the endangered species list (see below), specifically focusing on WHY the animal is becoming extinct. 

Photo Credit: https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory?sort=extinction_status&direction=desc

Social/Emotional Learning- Mr. Bywater

Mr. Bywater has been doing an incredible job informing us: “What is a Bully?” as you see from the poster below, a bully isn’t just rude or mean once in awhile. A bully is someone who intentionally harasses the one person over and over again, usually a child younger than him or her. Mr. Bywater taught us how to stand up to a bully- he gave us many different resources. When we stand up for ourselves and our friends who are being bullied we are called- UPSTANDERS! 3B Can be “upstanders” everyday!

Kindness Project: Valentines Day!

Our 3B Friends did such a wonderful job writing individualized notes to EACH of their classmates. I know it’s no small task- it took everybody a very long time! But I think the hard work and patience paid off when you see the smiles on the faces of our classmates below. Thank you for your support, 3B Parents! ~Ms. Edwards

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