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Musicians, Fraction Experts and Narrative Nonfiction Explorers!

on March 1, 2019


As readers and writers we combined forces in making a return to reading nonfiction books in order to prepare us in writing a new genre, Narrative Nonfiction!  As readers, we chose topics of interest to read and research.  As writers, we took the information we gathered as readers to combine our understanding of Narrative Nonfiction writing to start making our own Narrative Nonfiction books. 

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we compared unit fractions and explored the importance of specifying the whole when doing so. Then we applied our learning to the number line. Number bonds and fraction strips serve as bridges into this work. 

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

We have been hard at work learning about endangered animals, as you have seen on our Seesaw Posts! Thank you for your comments, parents! Over the next few weeks, we will have discussions around action. What can we do to support the environment and animals effected by the changes? This will be a student-driven action plan and is the most exciting part of our UOI learning!


3A & 3B Musical Showcase 

We had a wonderful turnout of families at our Musical Showcase yesterday. A huge thank you to Mrs. Sheppard for her incredible work teaching us to be musicians. We love music class and can’t wait to learn even more before this year is out. Thank you, Mrs. Sheppard and Ms. Iris! Also- a great big THANK YOU to Mr. Denson who took the amazing photos below!

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