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on March 8, 2019

Reading Workshop

           As readers this week, we read and studied an assortment of literary non fiction books. We noted many features of literary non fiction (see chart below) and learned to “read with the eyes of a writer”. All of the information we gathered about the topic was incorporated into our Literary Non-Fiction books during writing workshop. 

We also had a wonderful time reading with our 3C Reading Buddies yesterday. They are becoming readers now and THEY read books to us this time! Wow!

Writing Workshop

           As writers this week, we started off by planning around our topic in preparation for writing Literary (or Narrative) Nonfiction books.  First, we chose a topic of interest that we already have a little background knowledge of. Then, we researched to find out more.  We also used mentor authors to guide us in our decisions as writers in planning how we want our books to go!  Ask your child about the topic they have chosen for their Literary Nonfiction book…

Math Workshop

           In math workshop, we are learning to see intervals on the number line as wholes. We have begun to measure equal lengths between 0 and 1 on fraction strips. Then we worked with a number line that have endpoints other than 0 and 1. This will naturally help us understand the concept of fractions as we transition into comparing fractions with the same denominator. 

We had great fun practicing our fraction understanding “hands-on” by making some DELICIOUS banana bread completley by ourselves, and the bread turned out delicious! Thank you, parents for sending in the ingredients! See the recipe we used below.


Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

After learning and researching about different endangered animals, we’ve uncovered a lot of different environmental changes. The rapid decline in species population has deeply affected our emotions 🙁 . We have decided we MUST do something about this! So next week, we will begin to develop an action plan. We look forward to begin talking about and sharing our ideas for taking action within our SIS community.

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