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on April 5, 2019


         Readers this week wrapped up our non-fiction unit this week by presenting with their research book clubs. We practiced reading like a non-fiction narrator, reviewing non-fiction note taking and text structures as well as formulating questions with their partners and teams. Check out your child’s Seesaw post to hear how well they can read like a narrator! 

As writers this week we continued to move through the writing process within our Literary Nonfiction books.  Our writing community is used so much creativity within this unit to both teach and entertain the reader. On Thursday we celebrated the end of this writing unit with our KC reading buddies. We look forward to sharing our Literacy Non Fiction books with parents on Wednesday!   

Math Workshop

           As Mathematicians this week, we began with collecting data and creating a bar graph. We learned how to understand a table and create a bar graph from that information.

In Module 6, we build on Grade 2 concepts about data, graphing, and line plots. We focus on generating and analyzing different types of data. By the end of the module, we will work with a mixture of scaled picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots to problem solve using categorical and measurement data. In the pictures below, we worked in teams to create the longest chain in 3 minutes or less. We then graphed our observations.

Unit of Inquiry 

We are starting  a new unit this week! The central idea is “Scientists plan investigations to understand the forces and interactions in the world.” Our tentative lines of inquiry are; qualities of a scientist, balanced and unbalanced forces, the observable and measurable patterns. We’ve already had two great privations this week. First, we had a Zip Line design challenge and then we went outside to observe forces and motion, afterwards, we asked questions which were provoked during our stations outside. See our questions below!



Provocation Station- Student Questions 

Why do magnets attract metal?

How does the soccer ball curve? 

What forces the ball to move? 

What will happen if we do tug of war on other planets?

Is there a way to blow up a balloon faster?

How does the slinky stretch? 

What makes the magnet stick to the metal? 

Why does the basketball bounce? 

How does the slinky move by itself?

What makes the ball go faster?

What makes a ball move?

Why do some balloons stick on some hair and not other hair?

Why do different types of balls go slower or faster? 

What makes a ball bounce? 

Why did the tug of war rope not break?

Why does a basketball need force to keep on bouncing? 

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