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Engineers, Designers and Scientists!

on April 12, 2019

Reading Workshop 

           We’ve launched a new literacy unit this week! As readers, we  began immersing ourselves in fairy tales as well as “fractured” fairy tales (twists on our classical tales.) Readers will read many familiar and unfamiliar fairy tales this week and discuss the story elements specific to fairy tales. We will have guest readers, including Mrs. Kuemmerlin and Mr. Sheppard read us their favorite fairy tales.

Writing Workshop 

          As writers, we used our knowledge and understanding about Fairy Tales to write adapted versions! This week we will explored many Fairy Tales and inquired into the specific writing elements of Fairy Tales. We hope you enjoyed our writing video clip shared on WeChat today! Here are some pictures of our wonderful time this week at our Publishing Party for our Literary Non-Fiction Unit. Thank you for your incredible support! 

~Parents Support Needed~

I would like to encourage you to share with your child your knowledge about Fairy Tales in your own culture.  We would like to create a “Fairy Tale Collection” of books in our classroom- if you have any we can borrow for the next few weeks- please send them in with your family name clearly marked inside. Thank you! ~Ms. Edwards

Math Workshop

This week mathematicians reviews the types of graph we know already. Then we analyzed data and answered questions about the information provided in the form of bar graphs with a sliding scale and tape diagrams. We have also learned how to analyze the value of a set of data through multiplication and division. Next week we will measure different items and create a line plot.


UOI-  How the World Works 

Central Idea: Scientist plan investigations to understand the forces and interactions in the world 

          This week was an exciting one! As engineers, we designed a model to support an egg being dropped off the building. We focused on the design process and thinking like an engineer and a scientist.

          We reflected upon the skills we used in this process including observing, collecting data, making predictions and testing prototypes. We hope you enjoyed hearing our reflections on SeeSaw, parents. Not only has the egg drop experience been great fun, but we have learned so much through this process. We look forward to the experiments and designs our teachers are planning over the next few weeks!

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