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on April 26, 2019

Reading Workshop  

This week we continued reading fairy tales, focusing on the traits of characters. We inquired into the traits characters have, including internal traits and external features/characteristics. We learned to use these traits by applying them to the heroes and villains in our own fairy tales. We enjoyed reading our fairy tales outside during “Lights Off Tuesday”.

Writing Workshop

As writers, we planned and drafted our own fractured fairy tales. We made sure to revise as we drafted. We focused on the usage of dialogue, descriptive language (verbs and adjectives), and language structures in compound and complex sentences. We made sure to put “said” to bed! (Ask your child what that means!)

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we learned that different shapes (e.g., squares, rectangles, and rhombuses) have shared attributes that can fall within a larger category (parallelograms, quadrilaterals, and trapezoids). We also looked for shared attributes and learned to recognize polygons with sides that are equal. We enjoyed the hands-on math this unit gives! In the photos below, we are sorting shapes into different categories: 

UOI-  How the World Works 

Central Idea: Scientists and engineers plan investigations to understand the forces and interactions in the world 

         This week we took a look at balanced and unbalanced forces. We continued to explore using hands on-activities in which we can use the qualities of a scientist and engineer. We also dug a bit deeper into our scientific text to learn more about forces and motion. Below you can see us exploring force using marbles and “ramps.”

Earth Week Activities 

Thank you for the giant support of our Elephant Fundraiser for 3D. Because of your generous contributions, our class raised almost double the requirement for the Elephant Fair- almost 300RMB! Thank you. As part of our Earth Week festivities, we enjoyed taking a nature walk- looking especially at the world with the eyes of a scientist. We saw Jingshan in a whole new light thanks to our nature walk. We know that Everyday is Earth Day- and we are more aware than ever on the critical need to take care of our planet.


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