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on May 10, 2019


          As readers this week, we practiced reading with voice, fluency and expression as we presented our readers theater plays to an audience of  our peers. We had an amazing time writing our plays, practicing and designing our very creative costumes and props. Not only has reading been especially engaging this week, but our reading voice is stronger than ever!

            As writers, we worked on publishing our adapted fairytales and began writing our own original fairytales. Some of us even wrote the scripts for our readers theater based on the fairytale books we have been reading! Next week we will work on finalizing the last of our fairytales so we can send them home for parents to read. 

UOI-  How the World Works 

Central Idea: Scientists and engineers plan investigations to understand the forces and interactions in the world 

            This was our final week with this current unit of forces and interactions around the world. We planned and implemented an investigation using the qualities of an engineer and scientist that we learned about in this unit. Through our marble design, we demonstrated an understanding of making a hypothesis, asking a question, working through the stages of the scientific process and an understanding of forces and interactions.

We also began thinking about our new unit of inquiry: “How we express ourselves.” On Thursday, we enjoyed learning about other people’s interests on a 3rd grade gallery walk!

Art Exhibition 

          We had a wonderful time attending the incredible SIS Art Gallery this morning. Not only was it interesting to observe our peer’s art, but we also reflected upon our own displayed artwork. Just look to see how talented we are:

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