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Crime-Solvers, Publishers and Mathematicians!

on May 17, 2019

Reading Workshop 

This week, we started a new reading unit, all about mysteries. As readers, our goal is to identify a mystery and the mystery solvers, identify clues as to how to solve the mystery, and work out who could be suspects and why.  We love our class read-aloud: A-Z Mysteries-The Absent Author. Ask your child who they think the suspect is! 

Writing Workshop

  As writers this week we focused our attention towards revising, editing and publishing in preparation of sharing our fairytale books with our peers and our parents during Student Led Conferences next week. In the photo below, we are revising by helping our writing partner to edit their work to make it even better!


UOI-  How We Express Ourselves 

Central Idea: 

We began our final unit this week, how we express ourselves. This unit will focus on our individual interests and allow time for students to research and learn more about their passions. Our central idea and lines of inquiry for this unit are…

An inquiry cycle helps us explore our interests to share with others.

1. There are diverse ways of self-expression
2. An inquiry cycle supports our exploration
3. Many strategies can help represent and enhance meaning

Below, you will see how we have recorded our passion and how we have “tuned in” to uncovering more about our interest:

Math Workshop

As Mathematicians, we are working on finding different possible perimeters or areas for rectangles based on information given about the rectangles. We will also:

  1. Construct rectangles from a given number of unit squares and determine the perimeters
  2. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed from a given number of unit squares.
  3. Construct rectangles with a given perimeter using unit squares and determine their areas.
  4. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed. 

    Reading Buddies! 

    We met with our KC Reading Buddies this week for our last session of reading together. In two weeks, we will meet with them to collaborate in design an object of our choice. We will use recycled materials to build our creation, so please do send in old dvd’s, small electronic parts, empty boxes (small is best), paper towel rolls, etc. Thank you!

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