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Stepping up to 4th Grade!

on May 20, 2019

Today we had the opportunity to meet some of the teachers who will be in 4th grade next year. We asked many questions and learned quite a lot about the academic curriculum and some of the fun highlights, including a trip to Hong Kong next year.

After we came back to the classroom from “Step Up” Day, we had a reflection session. Read below for a transcript of our conversation and for pictures:

Reflections from “Stepping up to 4th Grade”

I learned…

I noticed…

I still wonder…

Jake: “I learned that in 4th grade, it’s not confirmed that we will have Genius Hour. But in 5th grade we will have exhibition.”

Ms. Edwards: Can you tell me more about Exhibition?

Jake: “It’s similar to Genius Hour- we choose a topic about how we can improve the world, then we research a lot about it and then we present it to everyone in the school!”

Avery: “We have iPads, but your parents need to sign a contract that we will be responsible for our own iPad. We will also learn how to write a literary essay (not a persuasive essay like we learned in 3rd grade, pipes in Liam). ”

Liam: “I noticed we will get our own email addresses.”

Heather: “I learned that if you cannot have apps that the teacher doesn’t approve. After 3 years you get to keep the iPad.”

Liwu: “We will go to Window of the World again, but on we will focus on the economy of the world, not culture. We will do an experiment called a stream table- but we aren’t sure what it is- they said it’s a surprise.” 

Jake: “I learned you can only use the school iPad for 30 minutes a day at home.”

Mei Mei: “I’m excited about our overnight trip to Hong Kong. We will stay in dormitories. Also, on the first day of 4th grade we need to memorize all of our multiplication tables.”

Jacob: “We might be able to choose any passcode we want, as long as the teacher knows.”

Ryan: “We are going to learn deeper into geometry.”

Bitchan: “In math we will learn similar things as 2nd grade, but more challenging.”

Jonathan: “At the end of the year, we are going to write an essay about what we learned.”

Lola: “You can’t download games or your iPad gets taken away until the teacher trusts you again.”

Jun: “We will go to Tencent on a field trip to learn about technology.”

Jason, Ammy, Miranda and Milosz: “We will have a sleepover in Hong Kong for our learner profile!”

Isabel: We will learn a lot of the UOI topics again from 2nd grade, but we will go deeper and more challenging and have more experiments.”

We also had the opportunity to share our Grade 3 Learning with our upcoming 3rd graders (currently 2nd graders). Each of us prepared “3rd Grade Rocks” brochures to share with the 2nd graders coming up. We also made Flipgrid videos to tell them more about our learning. Some of the highlights were our reading and writing genres, our Units of Inquiry, our hands-on experiments,  design challenges, genius hour and math workshop! 



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