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Student Experts, Detectives and Twins!

on May 24, 2019

Reading Workshop 

As readers this week, we continued studying mystery novels. We learned about using text features to help make predictions. We learned strategies to help deal with tricky parts of the text. We also shared our reading with a partner so that we can talk through our clues, create theories and discuss ideas together.

Writing Workshop

  This week began to inquire into: How do we express ourselves through writing?  What interests do we have in common?  How can we collaborate to create a shared piece of writing? We also finalized our adapted and original fairytales and published! 

UOI-  How We Express Ourselves 

Central Idea: An inquiry cycle helps us explore our interests to share with others. 

We are busy finding out more information about our interests. We are gathering information from a range of sources and working as researchers. Today will be our last day of Genius Hour, as this UOI is very project based, just like Genius Hour. We definitely expressed ourselves on Twin Day!

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we have been constructing rectangles from a given number of unit squares and will start recording perimeter and area data on line plots.  Next, we will continue our study of area and perimeter by problem solving using all four operations. See the newsletter below to understand how we learn math and what we are learning in this module.

Student Led Conferences 

It was a pleasure to share with you our learning from this school year! We loved teaching you how we solve word problems in math, how we record our thoughts as we read, how we work through the writing process and how we use The Learner Profile to grow as learners and citizens of the world. Our UOI (Unit of Inquiry) notebooks were one of our favorite things to share with you. After some reflecting about SLC, we all decided we should try harder in our handwriting! It’s always good practice to reflect and improve!


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