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on May 31, 2019


As readers this week, we have continued our mystery reading and have built upon our prediction skills. We practiced pausing while reading so that we can remember key details. We enjoyed sharing our clues and predictions with a reading partner and began to notice the story pattern most mystery novels share.

  This week we reviewed the genres we know and the genres in which we’ve inquired deeply into in 3rd grade. We chose a favorite genre and have begun to go through the writing process with a other friends who are also interested in the same genre and have created “Genre Clubs.” Next week we will choose mentor texts and use checklists to guide our choices as we create our books.  We are focusing on learner attributes that support us in working in groups such as: being open-minded and a communicator.

UOI-  How We Express Ourselves 

Central Idea: An inquiry cycle helps us explore our interests to share with others.

1. There are diverse ways of self-expression
2. An inquiry cycle supports our exploration
3. Many strategies can help represent and enhance meaning

As inquirers this week, we are going further with our learning by reflecting and thinking of new questions or wonders for our “Passion Project”. We have reviewed what we know about thick vs thin questions and really thought hard and shared ideas with a partner before choosing a “thick” question to research. We are using the inquiry cycle to guide our discoveries.

Math Workshop

As we finish our studies this year as mathematicians, we will review fundamental skills in the next couple of weeks. We will create representations and  discuss whether or not we agree with each representation. Finally, we will play fluency games related to Grade 3 skills, including fractions, rounding, multiplication, and division. For fluency this week, we had the option of taking a multiplication quiz and timing ourselves as we take it, and then re-taking the quiz to try to improve our time. This practice was fun and exciting for some of us- but some of us choose not to do this as it makes us feel nervous and worried, so we just practiced fluency without the timer.


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