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Designers, Collaborators and Publishers!

It’s been another full week (and a half) of learning since our last post. Just read below and see how much we’ve grown as readers, writers, mathematicians, and collaborators over the past 9 days:

Reading Workshop

As readers this week, we used “grit” to tackle challenging words. Having “grit” means to never give up when we come to a difficult word. We learned and implemented different reading strategies to figure out the difficult words including: chunking the word, searching for context clues, and finding figurative language. After the holidays, we will discover that the author of the book has a very specific purpose for writing the text (author’s purpose.)

Writing Workshop

We completed our first unit of study this week! Today we finished publishing and posting our personal narratives on SeeSaw. We appreciate your feedback already, parents! This genre has given our writing community more of an opportunity to learn about each other as we have shared many stories from our lives.  As writers, we moved through the writing process and did an amazing job focusing on revising, editing and publishing.


This week as mathematicians will applied the distributive property to create friendly numbers & solve two-step word problems involving multiplication and division. We also created a student-made Math Word Wall. Check it out in the picture below. It really shows our understanding in math. After the holiday, we will begin a new unit in math (place value and measurement). 

Unit of Inquiry

This we our final week for this unit! It was the perfect way to end the unit with a design challenge assessment. After our design challenge, we reflected on our responsibilities, decision making, collaboration and organisational skills during the challenge. It was very rewarding to see how we have grown in these areas. After the holiday, our next UOI will be science-based (Climate). 

Guidance Lesson with Mr. Bywater

Because of schedule conflicts, we were excited to have our first guidance lesson with Mr. Bywater this week. We discussed the value of treating everyone with kindness, despite our differences. Then we played a fun game of getting to know more about one another by stepping into the circle according to our “likes.” 

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Global Goals Week in 3B

This week is Global Goals Week. As Global Citizens at SIS, we are proud to participate in helping to make this world a better place. Tonight your child will bring home the following Global Goals Sheet. Please talk with them about the goals they have set each day and ask them:

-Why did you set this goal?
-Who will your goal impact?
-How can your goal make our world a better place?

For more information on the Global Goals Initiative, please visit: https://www.globalgoals.org/

Please remind your child to return their Global Goals sheet everyday. Thank you for your continuous support, parents!

~Ms. Edwards

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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival! 制作月饼

This is a very special time of year in China. We have the wonderful opportunity to learn about the Moon Festival. We had a fantastic time making mooncakes or yuè bĭng in Chinese class. First we learned the steps of crafting a mooncake and then we got to make our own red bean and cranberry mooncakes. Delicious!

A big thank you to our Chinese Lăoshī and our many of our wonderful parent volunteers for teaching us about the Moon Festival and providing this wonderful cultural experience!


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Typhoon Day

Dear Families,

I hope you and your family are safe and dry from the storm yesterday and last night. Please look at some suggested activities for the day off today.

Reading: read a good book and make a list of character traits of the main character.

Writing: write a story about your experience with the storm. How did you feel? What did you see? What did it sound like?

Math: Teach your family how to use the distributive property. 13×3 (10×3)+(3×3)= choose a few large multiplication sentences and show your family how to decompose the larger number and multiply.

Unit of Inquiry: Write down all the decisions you make today. Bring them to class to share.

Stay safe!

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Building Community, Becoming Sophisticated Writers and Mathematicians!

Wow! What another wonderful week of learning we had. Read below to find out what your child learned in our 3B Class this week. Enjoy the photos!

Reading Workshop 

As readers we are really getting deep into the “meat” of reading- understanding what we read. We began the week by focusing on retelling a story using the characters, setting, problem and solution to get to the heart of the story. We reviewed characters in stories and discussed their personality traits. We learned that not only do we become stronger readers by reading books, but we also learn new and interesting information, especially from non-fiction books. Next week, we w background knowledge by making and sharing text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. These comprehension strategies will be instrumental in building our reading lives!


Writing Workshop 

As writers this week continued learning writing personal narratives, while moving through the writing process with greater independence.  This week’s focus was using mentor authors to help use writing techniques to make our writing more sophisticated (see anchor chart below).  Next week we will highlight the importance of getting to the heart of our story by zooming in on the most important part and stretching it out.  We will also delve into paragraphing.



As mathematicians assessed our progress in understanding of the following concepts:

• Using the array model and familiar skip counting strategies to solidify understanding of multiplication

• Becoming fluent with arithmetic patterns to “add” and “subtract” groups to solve multiplication and division problems

• Develop understanding of the break apart strategy (distributive property)

As the week progressed we began use tape diagrams to solve word problems. A tape diagram is a model that students draw in order to help visualize the relationships between quantities.  Next week we will begin Math Workshop, in which we will be working in small strategy groups with the teacher.



Unit of Inquiry- People Can Collaborate to Organise Society 

This week we continued to look at collaboration, decision making, responsibilities and how we organize ourselves. We began a “Community Box” in which we can share what’s in our heart, when we are feeling happy, when our buckets are dipped- anything that’s on our mind! We discussed systems in our classroom that work, and systems that don’t work, and how we can fix those systems. We are excited about a design challenge that will happen next week with a focus on collaboration and decision making.

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Meeting our “Little Buddies”

We had a fantastic time we meeting our little reading buddies today for the first time! About 2 times a month we will meet with our new KC Friends from Mr. Porter’s class. We will mostly read with them, but sometimes we will participate in learning activities together.

Today our buddies were were proud to teach us what they had just learned about Partner Reading (sharing one book, sitting side by side, taking turns, etc). and we were VERY proud to read the storybooks to them! Many of us can remember when we were the “little buddies” so it feels great to be the “big kids” now!

We can’t wait to forge lasting relationships with our big buddies over the course of this school year. Mrs. Edwards has never been so impressed by the beautiful report that was established so quickly between reading buddies as it was with our students today.

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Our Week Full of Learning!

This week was full of learning, in every subject area. Just read to see how much your child has grown as a learner over the past five days:  

Reading Workshop 

Our students have become expert predictors this week. We have learned to use the schema, or background knowledge from the previous stories that we have read, to make plausible predictions in our current stories. We not only predict what will happen in the story, but HOW it will happen. As we read, we stop and jot down our predictions on a sticky note, and then we like to go back and check if our predictions were correct. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they aren’t- and that’s ok! 

 Writing Workshop 

We have continued to move through the writing process within personal narratives.  We are planning our story by storytelling, choosing “just right” paper and beginning to draw and write true stories from our lives. Mentor authors are helping to guide our writing community in the choices we make in our own writing.


We are continuing to develop our understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in making multiplication easier to understand.  Next week, we will begin to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  The following “Tips for Parents” should give you a a better understanding of our current math unit: 

Unit of Inquiry: How We Organise Ourselves 

People Can Collaborate to Organise Society

This week, we looked at our responsibilities in our classroom community how those responsibilities support the organisation of our classroom. We also shared the responsibilities that we have at home, and how they support the routines of our home life. Next week we will explore designing our own school in which we are the lead decision maker. We will discuss what types of decisions must me made in order to run a school successfully, and inquire into what could happen if those decisions are not successful?

We enjoyed the “Turn and Talk” Method to share with a partner the responsibilities we have at home and school to get our minds quickly engaged into the discussion:

Mei Mei helps to cook dinner at home. She often washes the vegetables for her mom.

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Design Challenge: Marshmallow Tower

In our UOI, we are exploring groups and how we organize ourselves to run smoother and more efficiently. A great way to put this concept into action was to preform a team challenge during Genius Hour.

We were asked to work in a team, choose a leader and plan the best way to build the highest tower using only 25 spaghetti sticks and masking tape that could hold 1 large marshmallow on top in only 20 minutes. The real challenge was that the tower had to stand by itself!

We used the Design Process to guide us (see picture below) and we had a great discussion afterwards on how we could improve our design next time. Ms. Edwards was really impressed by the excellent communication and teamwork we used throughout this challenge. We are looking forward to many more design challenges to come this year!


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Rainy Day Learning Activities

Hi 3B Friends! Let’s keep your brain busy and engaged today, even if we don’t have school. Here’s some fun ideas for learning at home that you can do with your families.


Use things you have from home (Legos, pasta noodles, small toys) and sort into equal groups to make arrays, like we have been learning about. You can also draw a picture or use a digital tool. Write the extended addition sentence and the multiplication sentence that matches. See the picture for example:


Unit of Inquiry

Make a short video (less than one minute) showing ONE thing you are responsible for at your home (feeding your cat, setting the table, cleaning your room etc.) You can send your video to Ms. Edwards.


Read for at least 30 minutes- Record at least one thing that made you wonder (?) or excited/upset you (!) or that you loved (heart).


Write about an experience from your life.

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Mathematicians Begin Multiplication!

Today we were introduced to multiplication by making equal groups and by using repeated addition to represent the groups. We learned that all of the math skills we’ve learned in the past, including skip counting, adding, sorting, and making equal groups, were all the foundation that led us to a good foundation for multiplication.

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