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Nature Enthusiasts, Fraction Experts and Creative Writers!

Reading Workshop

This week we worked with our Literary Non Fiction book club teams to read about a topic of interest. After reading, we shared facts about air topic and asked questions in order to have a deeper understanding of the topic. Finally, they will present what they’ve learned about the topic with the class in a “Fishbowl Discussion” 

Writing Workshop

We are drafting and drawing within the writing process of our Literary Nonfiction books.  We have used mentor texts to guide our decisions in making a plan and choosing just right paper to create a book about the topic we are passionate about. There has been high interest around this genre of combining fiction and nonfiction elements…ask your child about the decisions they have made as authors so far within their books! This has been our most favorite writing unit ever!

Math Workshop

As mathematicians we moved forward this week by beginning to work with number lines that have endpoints other than 0 and 1. Then, we gained an understanding that a fraction must be the same size but may not always have the same shape. Below is some practice using fractions on a Human Number Line!

Unit of Inquiry

We had an amazing time learning about the endangered animals in our area at the Futian Mangrove Ecological Park. We are continuing to explore ways to take action for our current unit. Ask your child ways you can help at home and in your daily lives to support endangered animals.



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A Fantastic Field Day!

We sure had a fantastic time showing our Gecko pride while exhibiting terrific teamwork at field day yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS and our spirits were high.  Ms. Edwards managed to get a shot of each one of us in action!

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Hands-On Learners, Action Takers and Banana Bread Bakers!

Reading Workshop

           As readers this week, we read and studied an assortment of literary non fiction books. We noted many features of literary non fiction (see chart below) and learned to “read with the eyes of a writer”. All of the information we gathered about the topic was incorporated into our Literary Non-Fiction books during writing workshop. 

We also had a wonderful time reading with our 3C Reading Buddies yesterday. They are becoming readers now and THEY read books to us this time! Wow!

Writing Workshop

           As writers this week, we started off by planning around our topic in preparation for writing Literary (or Narrative) Nonfiction books.  First, we chose a topic of interest that we already have a little background knowledge of. Then, we researched to find out more.  We also used mentor authors to guide us in our decisions as writers in planning how we want our books to go!  Ask your child about the topic they have chosen for their Literary Nonfiction book…

Math Workshop

           In math workshop, we are learning to see intervals on the number line as wholes. We have begun to measure equal lengths between 0 and 1 on fraction strips. Then we worked with a number line that have endpoints other than 0 and 1. This will naturally help us understand the concept of fractions as we transition into comparing fractions with the same denominator. 

We had great fun practicing our fraction understanding “hands-on” by making some DELICIOUS banana bread completley by ourselves, and the bread turned out delicious! Thank you, parents for sending in the ingredients! See the recipe we used below.


Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

After learning and researching about different endangered animals, we’ve uncovered a lot of different environmental changes. The rapid decline in species population has deeply affected our emotions 🙁 . We have decided we MUST do something about this! So next week, we will begin to develop an action plan. We look forward to begin talking about and sharing our ideas for taking action within our SIS community.

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Musicians, Fraction Experts and Narrative Nonfiction Explorers!


As readers and writers we combined forces in making a return to reading nonfiction books in order to prepare us in writing a new genre, Narrative Nonfiction!  As readers, we chose topics of interest to read and research.  As writers, we took the information we gathered as readers to combine our understanding of Narrative Nonfiction writing to start making our own Narrative Nonfiction books. 

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we compared unit fractions and explored the importance of specifying the whole when doing so. Then we applied our learning to the number line. Number bonds and fraction strips serve as bridges into this work. 

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

We have been hard at work learning about endangered animals, as you have seen on our Seesaw Posts! Thank you for your comments, parents! Over the next few weeks, we will have discussions around action. What can we do to support the environment and animals effected by the changes? This will be a student-driven action plan and is the most exciting part of our UOI learning!


3A & 3B Musical Showcase 

We had a wonderful turnout of families at our Musical Showcase yesterday. A huge thank you to Mrs. Sheppard for her incredible work teaching us to be musicians. We love music class and can’t wait to learn even more before this year is out. Thank you, Mrs. Sheppard and Ms. Iris! Also- a great big THANK YOU to Mr. Denson who took the amazing photos below!

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Persuasive Writers, Researchers and Upstanders!

Reading Workshop

In reading workshop this week, we had a wonderful time taking a long look at the characters in our chapter books and comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences in their personalities. We then gathered text evidence to have a mini-debate with our partner about our  characters- specifically discussing which characters are better problem solvers and why. 

We also had a fabulous time reading with our KC buddies. We did a fantastic job reading “like a teacher.” Which means using expression and voice to read like the character in the story. You can see on their faces how engaged that made our little learners!

Writing Workshop

As writers, we are wrapping up our learning around persuasive writing.  This week we went through the revising, editing and publishing process to prepare our essays to share with others. We enjoyed choosing from a menu of options in how to publish our writing including: make a poster, use green screen or create an iBook.  Next week we will launch new learning around Literary Non-fiction!

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we began comparing unit fractions. Using real-life examples and area models, we are understanding that when comparing fractions, the whole must be the same size. Finally, we learned that redefining the whole can change the unit fraction that describes the shaded part.

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

This week we are are digging deeper into the “why” animals are endangered and how living things effect the environment. Today we began researching an animal from the endangered species list (see below), specifically focusing on WHY the animal is becoming extinct. 

Photo Credit: https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory?sort=extinction_status&direction=desc

Social/Emotional Learning- Mr. Bywater

Mr. Bywater has been doing an incredible job informing us: “What is a Bully?” as you see from the poster below, a bully isn’t just rude or mean once in awhile. A bully is someone who intentionally harasses the one person over and over again, usually a child younger than him or her. Mr. Bywater taught us how to stand up to a bully- he gave us many different resources. When we stand up for ourselves and our friends who are being bullied we are called- UPSTANDERS! 3B Can be “upstanders” everyday!

Kindness Project: Valentines Day!

Our 3B Friends did such a wonderful job writing individualized notes to EACH of their classmates. I know it’s no small task- it took everybody a very long time! But I think the hard work and patience paid off when you see the smiles on the faces of our classmates below. Thank you for your support, 3B Parents! ~Ms. Edwards

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Expert Readers, Real-World Mathematicians and Forever Friends!


In writing this week, we have continued to move through the writing process, working on our persuasive speeches. We are trying to draw attention to editing strategies to “edit as we go!”  This involves growing in our their awareness around using capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar choices. Next week we will our speeches using green screen videos and posters.

In reading workshop, we started Book Clubs with our classmates. We were excited to chose our chapter books by our interest and our reading level.  We started collaborating with our Book Club team to discuss  our characters, their “sidekicks” and possible adversaries our character encounters. We started to track the journey of our the story using a “Story Mountain” to give a visual description of the adventures and problems that the characters in our stories  encounter. 

We also practiced reading “Like a Teacher” with our KC reading buddies. We know that reading “Like a Teacher” means to read with an exciting voice, using expression, pausing at punctuation and looking at the listener. We did an excellent job keeping our little readers engaged yesterday!


Math Workshop

As mathematicians will have applied our knowledge of area with an emphasis on real-world applications by solving word problems. The word problems provide a stepping-stone for our real-world, project-based application of area. We had fun practicing our multiplication skills playing a class game on www.kahoot.it Try it out as a family! 

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive.

Line of Inquiry Studied this Week: How do organisms survive?

This week we are working on learning more about life cycles, inherited behavioral traits and how animals survive. We have chosen our own animal to research and have started creating a poster to present our learning to the class.

Goodbye, Lisa! 

It’s been a tough week to say goodbye to our good friend, Lisa. We are so sad she is moving, but we are excited for the new adventures that await her and her family. Today we presented her with a special book of letters and pictures and we each signed the lucky “Goodbye Gecko” for Lisa, so that she can remember us. Good luck at your new school, Lisa! We know you will make lots of friends quickly, and you will forever remain our 3B Friend. We hope you can visit us!  In the International School setting, it’s never “goodbye” but “See you later!”


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Explorers, Analyzers and Critical Thinkers!

Reading Workshop analyzers 

As readers this week, we continued to look deeper into the development of character. First, we noticed patterns in the characters’ behavior, analyzing the strong traits of the character. Using what we discovered know about our character, we discussed WHY our character behaves the way they do and we recorded our thinking in our reading journals. With a partner, we made predictions about our characters, using the evidence we gathered throughout the week. At library checkout today, we did our best to choose a book that has a strong character role so we can read our library books during reading workshop next week!

Writing Workshop 

We were very busy using our critical thinking skills in writing this week. We have started to draft our persuasive arguments within a topic we felt passionate about. We are continuing to generate ideas and plan our reasons in order to justify our thesis statement. We are learning to use a 5-paragraph essay graphic organizer to us to write strong paragraphs independently. Next week we will focus on how to talk to an audience using our strong convincing skills. Some of us are choosing to publish our writing on posters or in a video format.  

Math Workshop

As mathematicians, we continued to work with area by moving on to working with arithmetic properties. We applied knowledge of the distributive property from our previous units to find area. We enjoyed sharing our understanding of area with our families on Seesaw this week. 

Math Standards

3.MD.5 Recognize area as an attribute of plane figures and understand concepts of area measurement.
3.MD.6 Measure areas by counting unit squares (square cm, square m, square in, square ft, and improvised…
3.MD.7 Relate area to the operations of multiplication and addition.

Unit of Inquiry & Our Field Trip to Window of the World

We had a wonderful time re-visiting our understanding of diverse cultures by visiting Window of the World on Wednesday. It was an incredible day filled with lots of learning and adventure. Thank you to Ryan’s mom, Ammy’s mom, Mei Mei’s mom, Jonathan’s mom an Eason’s mom for their amazing help chaperoning our groups. We couldn’t have done it without you!

In our current Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry, we have started a mini research project! ! Today we chose an animal and looked into its habitat. Next week we will research the following three questions about our animal:

  1. What are 3 ways the animal uses surroundings for survival?
  2. What is the food chain for this animal to survive?
  3. How do humans interact with the habitat? 
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Reflective Readers, Persuasive Writers and Global Thinkers…

Reading Workshop

This week we reflected upon the reading goals we set for ourselves last year and made new resolutions for our reading lives as well as our personal lives in 2019. We also began a new unit on Character Study. This week we put a strong emphasis on learning a broad range of “Colorful Adjectives” to describe characters in the stories we read. For example, instead of writing “My character is nice.” We learned to substitute nice for more descriptive words like: considerate, thoughtful, caring, etc. This will make us stronger writers as well! 

Parents- You may have noticed we also began logging our reading thoughts into our own Reading Journals this week. We will bring these journals home everyday along with our nightly book so our  parents can understand what we learned that day. We can also add more to our reading journals if we are feeling motivated!

Writing Workshop 

This week we launched a new unit of study in writing- Persuasive Writing. In this unit we will learn to write persuasive speeches, petitions and editorials to help make our community a better place.  We have really jumped right into this unit by immersing ourselves in the genre and noticing how writers persuade an audience to share their opinion.

To get us started, we worked together to write a persuasive letter to share with our assistant principal, Mrs. K. First, we agreed to a topic we are passionate about- having our own one-to-one iPads in third grade! Then we each wrote a letter convincing our SIS administration to give us 20 iPads per class. Finally, we discussed the best convincing points from our own letters and wrote one final letter together. Mrs. K was very impressed by our points, and had great constructive feedback to share with us.


Math Workshop

We were introduced to area as mathematicians this week. We used pattern blocks to tile given polygons without gaps or overlaps to determine the amount of two-dimensional space is within a region or shape. By the end of the week, we learned how to relate total area with multiplication of side lengths. Read below for parents tips for this unit.



Sharing the Planet

We are starting a new unit as scientists! Our central idea is “Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive.” This week we participated in many tuning in activities to provoke our thoughts and get our minds excited and curious about organisms surviving in their habitats, as well as learning from fossils about past organisms.

Central Idea: Organisms adapt to their environment in order to survive. 

Lines of Inquiry:

•1. How organisms survive
2. Fossils are evidence of the past
3. Life cycles and traits
4. Environmental change

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Coding Experts, Cultural Communicators and Secret Santas!

It was a very busy week before our Winter Break. We had a wonderful time sharing our cultural artifacts, our custom quilt piece and our Personal Stories with all of our grade 3 peers. This was a wonderful unit and we want to thank the parents for sharing their personal cultural stories as well. It was so interesting to read all of our experiences. Over the holiday, our quilt was finished. Just look and see how beautiful it turned out!

Learning to Code 

This week we participated in the international Hour of Code. We had a fantastic time learning how to innovate with robots, engage in coding apps and create animated animals using a code. A big THANK YOU to our eLearning coach, Mr. Sheppard for organizing this wonderful learning experience.

Secret Santas!

We had a wonderful celebration of friendship sharing our Secret Santa gifts with our friends. There were many smiles and “thank you’s” exchanged in our classroom before we left for a long break. A big thank you to our AMAZING 3B parents for all of your support and generous contributions this year!

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Multiplication Magicians, Super Summarisers and Crazy for Quilting!

Reading Workshop

          As readers this week, we thought deeper about using sticky notes to explain our thinking as we read. We discovered new ways to use a sticky note including sketching, revising and writing longer. Towards the end of the week we learned the difference between retelling and summarising. 

Retelling is when you use the author’s words to tell what happened in detail.

Summarising is when you highlight the most important parts and use your own words. 

         Next week, we will receive a Reading Journal to compile our best sticky notes as well as record our summaries, predictions, and thoughts we have on the books we read. The picture below shows us teaching our KC buddies how we use sticky notes to record our thinking: 

Writing Workshop

         As writers this week, we continued to moving through the writing process in our personal stories. In connection to our UOI, we are writing a personal story about a conflict we had and how we solved it. We focused on organisation within our paragraphs and sentences this week as well as using mentor texts to improve our craft.

Math Workshop

         As mathematicians, we used hands-on tools to focus on identifying and using arithmetic patterns to multiply as well as interpreting the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve problems. Using the tools to represent a number makes it easier for us to understand and work out our problems. 

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are 

   Central Idea: Communities create and share diverse cultural experiences and stories.

            This week we worked on our “Culture Quilts” to represent who we are and what we represent. Just look how beautiful they are turning out! When we are done drawing on our piece of fabric, it will be made into a real quilt over the Winter Break!

Today, we will come home and ask our parents to share stories about your past. The stories can relate to childhood experiences. Maybe if you ever had to move? Maybe a story about making a friend? Maybe a story about losing a friend? Maybe  a story about a time you traveled and didn’t understand how to do something (order food, get a train ticket). The stories do not need to be deep, just share something about your past related to having a “cultural” experience.

          Thank you! To the students who have sent in an item for our “Culture Museum” It’s really coming along. If you haven’t sent them in yet, it’s not too late! Next week is ok, too. 

Some ideas are:

-Traditional games

-Musical instrument 

-Decorative object

-Photos of objects 

-Photos of family in traditional dress

-Photos of a traditional celebration

-Clothes that represent your culture

Thank you for your constant support!

~Ms. Edwards 


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