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Getting Crafty with our KC Buddies

We had a “Spook-tacular” morning crafting 3D pumpkins, bat hats and lollypop ghosts with our Kindergarten buddies! It was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with our little buddies and help them to make the tricky crafts of their choice. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s exciting Halloween parade and spooky stations.

Parents- if you’d like to see our costumes in the parade tomorrow, please join us on the sports field at 2:30pm.

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Critical Thinkers, Math Experts and Conversationalists!

Reading Workshop

As informational text readers this week, we were critical thinkers by analysing author’s ideas and discussing our own opinions against the author of the book. Towards the end of the week, we learned to lift the level of our conversations with our reading partner. We learned the qualities of a great conversation, which include: the conversation stays on interesting topics, the listener asks questions, and new ideas come up in the conversation. Tonight we will bring home our conversation notes- ask your child what interesting topic they discussed with their partner today!

Some great examples of analysing the author’s opinion: 

Writing Workshop

As writers this week, we continued drafting within nonfiction.  As we read more and more nonfiction texts, we are becoming experts in how to write within the genre.  We began to make connections across chapters, balance facts and ideas, research facts for accuracy and revise as we go. 


As mathematicians we showed what we know on a mid-module assessment. This helped our teachers to individualise their instruction & help us continue on our learning journey. Next week, we will focus on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.  We will begin with hands-on experiences and then use a number line to support our understanding of rounding. See the anchor chart below for a better understanding of what we will be focusing on next week:

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time

Central Idea: We Adapt to the Climate we Live in 

We continued focus on different climates of the world this week. We broke into “Climate Teams” and researched what the major climates of the world are and how we adapt to live in each climate. There has been a change to our central idea, “We adapt to the climate we live in.”

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Researchers, Teachers and Collaborators!


In reading workshop this week, we looked deeper into analyzing text features and learning how to teach facts to our classmates and our families in an interesting way. Towards the end of the week, we set a nonfiction reading goal for ourselves, focusing on becoming stronger readers for understanding. 

Our goals are posted on our “Reading Life” baggies. Ask your child why they chose that goal for themselves. 


As writers this week, we continued going strong as nonfiction writers by organizing our chapters, experimenting with different structures, and using a checklist to help us revise as we go.

Talk with your child about the book they are writing and the choices they are making as nonfiction authors!


We loved kicking off Math Workshop this week. We realise that working in differentiated groups  strengthens our own mathematical needs as a learner. During math workshop, we reviewed skills with teammates, worked independently, reviewed facts and worked with Ms. Edwards and our team teachers. We also used place value and problem-solving to measure weights, focusing on grams and kilograms. 

Measuring grams and kilograms:

Math Workshop Teams:


Unit of Inquiry: We adapt to the climate we live in. 

This week we looked at two main questions: 

What is climate? and What is weather? 

We were given many opportunities to research in books and online. We split into continent teams and researched the climate of different parts of the world and presented our findings with our class. 

If any parents are weather or climate experts- please reach out to any of the third grade teachers as we’d love to have you come in and share your knowledge!

KC Reading Buddies 

This week we reflected upon how it went with our reading buddies. Enjoy the comments! 

“I asked Kaitlynn questions about the book and could answer!” -Heather

“My reading buddy, Jasmine, laughed at the interesting pictures.” -Lisa

“My buddy wasn’t here, but I read with Sally’s buddy Cohen, and he made a connection to the story.” -Liwu

“Gabe was really interested into the book and talking about it with me.” -Liam

“Virginia made predictions about what would happen in the story!” -Avery

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Wonderers, Brainstormers and Thinkers

This week was full of making wonderings, brainstorming ideas and putting our brain to great use by discovering the idea of elapsed time! Just read below to see our learning this week.

Reading Workshop

We couldn’t wait to wait to begin devouring our non-fiction texts during our workshop time this week. First, we learned that non-fictions readers really “rev up” their minds before reading, they think “What sort of text is this? Is it a narrative, expository, a hybrid?” Then we noticed text features including: titles, subtitles, photos and subtopics. Once we knew for sure it’s a non-fiction text (that’s just-right for us) we dug even deeper. We began to really read for understanding. We found the main idea and used clues the author gave us as supporting evidence to give us more details to support the main idea. We loved sharing the most interesting facts we read about everyday!

Writing Workshop

This week we launched writing about Non-Fiction topics. First, we researched a variety of Non-Fiction books and noticed the text features they have (see image above). Then we learned from a mentor non-fiction author, Melissa Stuart (https://www.melissa-stewart.com) We discussed how we get ideas for non-fiction writing. Finally, we brainstormed topics we are already experts at and topics we want to research in which we can become experts.

Math Workshop

As mathematicians we transitioned to Module 2 which uses place value to unify measurement, rounding skills, and the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction.  The module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of tools to build practical measurement skills and conceptual understanding of metric and time units. See the “Tips for Parents” below for more information on how you can help your child. 

Unit of Inquiry 

We have started a new Unit of Inquiry around “Where we are in Place and Time.” The central idea is The change of climate affects our lives.  In this unit, students will inquire into changes in climate, types of climate and natural disasters. This week, we focused on on student questioning (see our “Wonder Wall”) and tuning into the new content.


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Designers, Collaborators and Publishers!

It’s been another full week (and a half) of learning since our last post. Just read below and see how much we’ve grown as readers, writers, mathematicians, and collaborators over the past 9 days:

Reading Workshop

As readers this week, we used “grit” to tackle challenging words. Having “grit” means to never give up when we come to a difficult word. We learned and implemented different reading strategies to figure out the difficult words including: chunking the word, searching for context clues, and finding figurative language. After the holidays, we will discover that the author of the book has a very specific purpose for writing the text (author’s purpose.)

Writing Workshop

We completed our first unit of study this week! Today we finished publishing and posting our personal narratives on SeeSaw. We appreciate your feedback already, parents! This genre has given our writing community more of an opportunity to learn about each other as we have shared many stories from our lives.  As writers, we moved through the writing process and did an amazing job focusing on revising, editing and publishing.


This week as mathematicians will applied the distributive property to create friendly numbers & solve two-step word problems involving multiplication and division. We also created a student-made Math Word Wall. Check it out in the picture below. It really shows our understanding in math. After the holiday, we will begin a new unit in math (place value and measurement). 

Unit of Inquiry

This we our final week for this unit! It was the perfect way to end the unit with a design challenge assessment. After our design challenge, we reflected on our responsibilities, decision making, collaboration and organisational skills during the challenge. It was very rewarding to see how we have grown in these areas. After the holiday, our next UOI will be science-based (Climate). 

Guidance Lesson with Mr. Bywater

Because of schedule conflicts, we were excited to have our first guidance lesson with Mr. Bywater this week. We discussed the value of treating everyone with kindness, despite our differences. Then we played a fun game of getting to know more about one another by stepping into the circle according to our “likes.” 

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Global Goals Week in 3B

This week is Global Goals Week. As Global Citizens at SIS, we are proud to participate in helping to make this world a better place. Tonight your child will bring home the following Global Goals Sheet. Please talk with them about the goals they have set each day and ask them:

-Why did you set this goal?
-Who will your goal impact?
-How can your goal make our world a better place?

For more information on the Global Goals Initiative, please visit: https://www.globalgoals.org/

Please remind your child to return their Global Goals sheet everyday. Thank you for your continuous support, parents!

~Ms. Edwards

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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival! 制作月饼

This is a very special time of year in China. We have the wonderful opportunity to learn about the Moon Festival. We had a fantastic time making mooncakes or yuè bĭng in Chinese class. First we learned the steps of crafting a mooncake and then we got to make our own red bean and cranberry mooncakes. Delicious!

A big thank you to our Chinese Lăoshī and our many of our wonderful parent volunteers for teaching us about the Moon Festival and providing this wonderful cultural experience!


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Typhoon Day

Dear Families,

I hope you and your family are safe and dry from the storm yesterday and last night. Please look at some suggested activities for the day off today.

Reading: read a good book and make a list of character traits of the main character.

Writing: write a story about your experience with the storm. How did you feel? What did you see? What did it sound like?

Math: Teach your family how to use the distributive property. 13×3 (10×3)+(3×3)= choose a few large multiplication sentences and show your family how to decompose the larger number and multiply.

Unit of Inquiry: Write down all the decisions you make today. Bring them to class to share.

Stay safe!

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Building Community, Becoming Sophisticated Writers and Mathematicians!

Wow! What another wonderful week of learning we had. Read below to find out what your child learned in our 3B Class this week. Enjoy the photos!

Reading Workshop 

As readers we are really getting deep into the “meat” of reading- understanding what we read. We began the week by focusing on retelling a story using the characters, setting, problem and solution to get to the heart of the story. We reviewed characters in stories and discussed their personality traits. We learned that not only do we become stronger readers by reading books, but we also learn new and interesting information, especially from non-fiction books. Next week, we w background knowledge by making and sharing text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. These comprehension strategies will be instrumental in building our reading lives!


Writing Workshop 

As writers this week continued learning writing personal narratives, while moving through the writing process with greater independence.  This week’s focus was using mentor authors to help use writing techniques to make our writing more sophisticated (see anchor chart below).  Next week we will highlight the importance of getting to the heart of our story by zooming in on the most important part and stretching it out.  We will also delve into paragraphing.



As mathematicians assessed our progress in understanding of the following concepts:

• Using the array model and familiar skip counting strategies to solidify understanding of multiplication

• Becoming fluent with arithmetic patterns to “add” and “subtract” groups to solve multiplication and division problems

• Develop understanding of the break apart strategy (distributive property)

As the week progressed we began use tape diagrams to solve word problems. A tape diagram is a model that students draw in order to help visualize the relationships between quantities.  Next week we will begin Math Workshop, in which we will be working in small strategy groups with the teacher.



Unit of Inquiry- People Can Collaborate to Organise Society 

This week we continued to look at collaboration, decision making, responsibilities and how we organize ourselves. We began a “Community Box” in which we can share what’s in our heart, when we are feeling happy, when our buckets are dipped- anything that’s on our mind! We discussed systems in our classroom that work, and systems that don’t work, and how we can fix those systems. We are excited about a design challenge that will happen next week with a focus on collaboration and decision making.

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Meeting our “Little Buddies”

We had a fantastic time we meeting our little reading buddies today for the first time! About 2 times a month we will meet with our new KC Friends from Mr. Porter’s class. We will mostly read with them, but sometimes we will participate in learning activities together.

Today our buddies were were proud to teach us what they had just learned about Partner Reading (sharing one book, sitting side by side, taking turns, etc). and we were VERY proud to read the storybooks to them! Many of us can remember when we were the “little buddies” so it feels great to be the “big kids” now!

We can’t wait to forge lasting relationships with our big buddies over the course of this school year. Mrs. Edwards has never been so impressed by the beautiful report that was established so quickly between reading buddies as it was with our students today.

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