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Rainy Day Learning Activities

Hi 3B Friends! Let’s keep your brain busy and engaged today, even if we don’t have school. Here’s some fun ideas for learning at home that you can do with your families.


Use things you have from home (Legos, pasta noodles, small toys) and sort into equal groups to make arrays, like we have been learning about. You can also draw a picture or use a digital tool. Write the extended addition sentence and the multiplication sentence that matches. See the picture for example:


Unit of Inquiry

Make a short video (less than one minute) showing ONE thing you are responsible for at your home (feeding your cat, setting the table, cleaning your room etc.) You can send your video to Ms. Edwards.


Read for at least 30 minutes- Record at least one thing that made you wonder (?) or excited/upset you (!) or that you loved (heart).


Write about an experience from your life.

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Mathematicians Begin Multiplication!

Today we were introduced to multiplication by making equal groups and by using repeated addition to represent the groups. We learned that all of the math skills we’ve learned in the past, including skip counting, adding, sorting, and making equal groups, were all the foundation that led us to a good foundation for multiplication.

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Writer’s Write All Kinds of Genres

As part of getting back into Writer’s Workshop, we have been exploring an open-genre unit. Ms. Edwards has been so impressed by our background knowledge of the types of books that authors write and why. Just check out our anchor chart!

We can’t get enough time incredible stories and non-fiction books, it’s been great to give Ms. Edwards a chance to discover our interests and us a chance to write about what we LOVE!

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We’ve been Starving for Books!

Welcome Back! It’s been a great first few days of 3rd Grade!

No words can describe the joy a teacher feels after summer holiday when she hears her students beg, no…please…”can we read longer, please, please, please, Ms. Edwards????” Over this past week we have been devouring our books, sharing our best ones with our partners, learning how to build reading stamina, discussing ways we can really make reading part of our reading lives.

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Welcome to 3B, Friends!

In 3B it is vital that we have a strong classroom community, where everyone feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas and take risks in their learning. Together, we discussed some promises that we will try to always keep so that we can keep our classroom safe and the learning to it’s highest potential.

We will wait our turn to share our ideas.

We will walk safely around our classroom.

We will use a quiet voice, so others can concentrate.

We will be Bucket Fillers, whenever we get the chance.

We will always try our best, in everything we do- even if it’s hard!


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Get to Know Your New Teacher!

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Our End of the Year Pool & Water Party

We had such a wonderful time celebrating our learning and friendship at our end of the year water party. Sides, pools, water games and more! Followed by a SCRUMPTIOUS lunch provided by our amazing kindergarten parents. A huge thank you to all our parents who volunteered to help decorate and set up the party.

I am truly thankful for the excellent year we shared together, KA Friends and Family. I am lucky to be given the opportunity watch you grow and flourish this year. Have a wonderful summer, KA Friends!!


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Movin’ on Up!

Today we came back super excited about our time in grade one! Just read below to see what we found out about first grade!

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Our Final UOI Project!

As a cumulative finale to our Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works, we demonstrated our learning through a final project challenge. The challenge was to use a marble to get from Point A to Point B, but there must be 5 obstacles preventing the marble from running its course. Students learned that if they used the forces and motion, they were successful!

After we presented our project to our peers, we talked about what we could do to make our device even better. Ms. Edwards was amazed by some of the creative thoughts and observations from her students!


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Learning through Play!

We had a fabulous learning experience through our observations at the trampoline park yesterday. Just read and see!


Ms. Edwards: How did you experience Force and Motion at the Field Trip today? 

(responses written verbatim)


“Pulling and Pushing on the ball swing. When I pulled it towards me and when I let go, I pushed my feet off the block.” –Hadley


“Falling- I jumped and I fall.” -William


“When we were jumping on the trampolines, it was like there was no gravity. Because my feet were pushing against the net, it stretched and bounced me up.” -Jahan


“Gravity- when we were playing the fighting competition on the bridge, I fell down in the sponges and it’s hard to get up.” -Ace


“When I jumped, the earth’s gravity pulled me back down.” -James


“When I ran up the ramp, my speed was slower. When I ran down, it was faster.” -Sophie


“When we were running in the foam pit, it was harder to run. When we ran outside, it was easier.” -Jahan


When we go up the slide of the trampoline, it’s very high. When we go down, it’s very low.” Julian


“When I fell into the blocks, I bounced two times because my force was strong because I jumped very hard.” -Elizabeth


“Can you tell my mom and dad how to get to Koolfly? I want to go on Saturday!” -Ace


Ms. Edwards: Sure! Here’s the link for parents who would like to take their child to the trampoline park. Remember to bring your YELLOW SIS Tag and receive a BIG discount (60RMB for 2 hours rather than normal price 100RMB an hour ) http://www.shenzhenparty.com/places/sports-recreation/koolfly-trampoline-park

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