A Peek at the Week Ahead: January 8-12

Important Announcements: 

Friday, January 12th: Assembly

Friday, January 26th: 1/2 Day for Students (Professional Learning for teachers)

Unit of Inquiry: Inquirers learn from historical evidence to make better choices. 

The next two weeks is focusing on the action around our learning. Our question that we will explore is, “How can we persuade others to make better choices to protect our environment?” Students will learn ways that they can be responsible and protect our environment. They will choose one thing to focus on and choose and audience to persuade. Please talk to your children at home about things you can do to support our environment in our daily lives.

Reading: Mystery 

3D readers will continue building their reading lives with a focus on mystery reading. Readers will learn that skilled readers of mysteries can use mystery-reading skills to read any fiction book well. Readers will think a lot about what matters in their fiction books, especially characters. We will learn how readers try to understand characters by figuring out who they are and why they act the way they do.  Readers will also learn how to use what has happened already in the story to make predictions.

Writing: Persuasive Writing 

We will pick up where we left off with persuasive writing, and will begin to connect our previous persuasive practice to our unit of inquiry. Students will write to their specific audience to convince them to take action in their daily lives.

Math: Module 3: Multiplication and Division with Units of 0, 1, 6–9, and Multiples of 10

In the next few weeks we will finish Module 3.  Students took the mid-module assessment prior to the holiday and will spend some time reviewing their work on the assessment. We will continue with lessons 15-18, with a focus on identifying patterns in multiplication and solving for the unknown.



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