A Peek at the Week Ahead: February 12-14

Important Dates: 

Chinese New Year Holiday: February 15-February 23 (no school)

March 2nd: Elementary Assembly

March 16th: 2nd Trimester Report Cards Posted

Reading and Writing: Character Traits and Fairytales 

In Reading students are learning how to identify character traits based on their characters’ actions, dialogue, and thoughts.  Character traits are not always given by the author, sometimes as readers we have to infer what traits a character by how they act or their behavior. Students are also using their knowledge of story structure to help make predictions in their reading.  This week we will meet in groups to have book talks about the fairytales we are reading.

In Writing students are working to publish their fractured fairytale. Students made a small change to either The Three Billy Goats Gruff or Little Red Riding Hood and then had to make a cascade of changes as a result of the change. Be on the lookout for a published fairytale on your child’s Seesaw account.


Students transfer their work to the number line in this next topic.  They begin by using the interval from 0 to 1 as the whole.  Continuing beyond the first interval, they partition, place, count, and compare fractions on the number line.

Unit of Inquiry: 

Students investigate our second line of inquiry for this Unit of Inquiry, “Living things share traits with their parents.” We will learn how many characteristics of organisms are inherited from their parents. As well as, how other characteristics result from individuals’ interactions with the environment, which can range from diet to learning. Many characteristics involve both inheritance and environment.


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