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You can access Epic reading from your computer or your device.  To access on a computer go to the Epic website. To access from your device download the Epic app in your devices App Store. Follow these 4 steps to login.

1.   Click Sign In

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page  (underneath the drawings of a boy and girl student)  and click ‘Sign in with your Classroom Code’

3. Enter our class code: NEZ-7788   Press sign in after you enter the code.

4. Find your name, click on it, and begin reading!

A Peek at Our Week: October 16-20

Writing: Learning Comes Alive  

Our authors will reflect on their growth from our first writing unit and publish their personal narratives. Please join us on Wednesday, October 18th for Learning Comes Alive from 9:40-10:30AM. This will be a wonderful time for you to see how writing workshop works and to hear your child’s published piece read aloud.

We will begin our next unit, Informational Writing, on Thursday.  This unit will be integrated with our science and reading units.

Reading: Reading to Learn 

This week in reading we will continue to determine the importance in expository (nonfiction) texts. We will build on last week’s work of identifying the main idea and supporting detail and will introduce organizing our thinking and learning from our nonfiction books. Readers will become experts and teach their reading partners what they learn from their books.  We will also set goals to help us improve our expository reading.

It is very important readers are reading a variety of nonfiction books during this unit.  The texts can be books, magazines, or articles. Please make sure your child is reading nonfiction books as much as possible during their daily reading homework.

Math: Module 2 Place Value and Problem Solving with Measurement (Lessons 3-7) 

In our first few lessons we will continue measuring time using clocks and number lines. 3D mathematicians will be introduced to kilograms and grams, we will practice measuring on digital and spring scales.  We will  use manipulatives to build a kilogram and then decompose it to explore the relationship between the size and weight of kilograms and grams.

Science: How the World Works 

We will explore the central idea, “Scientific discoveries can often lead to new and improved technology.” We will start with our first line of inquiry, “Qualities of a scientist.” 3D scientists will investigate through hands-on experiments and will be given open ended challenges to solve. Students will be assessed on the science skills of observing, questioning, (re)designing, and explaining.

A Look Back at Our Week

A Look Ahead: October 9th-13th

Important Announcements:

Friday: Assembly presented by 5B

Reading: Learning to Read (Nonfiction Unit)

Our readers will investigate nonfiction texts and identify the similarities and differences between nonfiction and fiction books.  We will learn how to preview our books for what we expect to learn, use text features to help us deepen our learning, and will take the unit pre-assessment. This unit will be integrated with our science and writing units.

Writing: Publish Personal Narratives

Writers in 3D are busy revising and editing our personal narratives.  Our authors are putting the final touches on their pieces they have worked on for the past two weeks. They are excited to share their writing with you at next week’s Learning Comes Alive!

Our class contribution to the Traveling Tale, Dave the Chicken is complete.  It has been uploaded onto Youtube (I will try to convert it to a video file for those of you without access to Youtube). Our writers did a fantastic job of creating the resolution with Dave and his friends.

Math: Module 2: Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure 

Module 2 uses place value to unify measurement, rounding skills, and the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction.  The module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of tools to build practical measurement skills and conceptual understanding of metric and time units.  Estimation naturally surfaces through application; this transitions students into rounding.  In the module’s final topics students round to assess whether or not their solutions to problems solved using the standard algorithms are reasonable.

3.NBT.2 Fluently add and subtract within 1000 using strategies and algorithms based on place value,…
3.MD.1 Tell and write time to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes. Solve word…

This week students will begin by learning to tell and write time to the nearest minute using analog and digital clocks in Topic A (3.MD.1).  They will understand time as a continuous measurement through exploration with stopwatches and use the number line, a continuous measurement model, as a tool for counting intervals of minutes within 1 hour (3.MD.1).  Students will see that an analog clock is a portion of the number line shaped into a circle.  They will use both the number line and clock to represent addition and subtraction problems involving intervals of minutes within 1 hour (3.MD.1).

Science: How the World Works:

The central idea we will inquire is, “Scientific discoveries can often lead to new and improved technology.” Our scientists will inquire into the qualities of a scientist, the nature of force, and how understanding force leads to innovation. This week in particular students will investigate what scientists do through hands on science activities and explorations in Level5.

We will also begin our Wonder Wall that students will add to throughout the year. We will learn how to formulate questions that drive our learning. Students can add questions to the wall that they want to inquire into more.


Peace One Day with Bessie

Bessie Bear not only taught us about Peace, Justice, and Stronger Institutions while she was with us, but she also led us to become independent learners who have empathy and can collaborate on a project. It all started a few weeks ago Bessie was reading a book about peace to us. The book taught us about Peace One Day, a global day of nonviolence on September 21st.

In the middle of the reading a few students spoke up and said that they can make a difference too.  The students immediately started thinking of ideas of how they could help. The class came up with a plan to break into groups and work on a bunch of mini-projects that would be shared in one presentation on September 21st. Students chose groups they wanted to be in and then chose leaders for each group.

peace day planning-21d0488 (video of planning process)

Each group worked together to create their pieces and then we shared them in a presentation to the other 3rd grade classes and a Pre-K class that had a special visit from Bessie’s twin sister, Jessie.

Peace One Day created by: Angelina, Camila, Serena, Hailey, Henry, and Gwanwoo

The video group created a great informational video in 4 different languages!


Ethan and Roland created posters about Peace One Day and put them up around the school to share with other SIS students.

Poster created by: Ethan and Roland

Jimin puts the finishing touches on the Peace One Day comic.
Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
Evan, Antonio, and Ray with some of their letters to teachers.


Sissi, Tiffany, and Angela designed t-shirts for Peace One Day.


Peace Presentation Introduction from Megan Kuemmerlin on Vimeo.

The presenters and Bessie during the Pre-K presentation.

Student Reflection:

Students please add to the Padlet wall and share what you learned during the project. It can include what you learned about peace, yourself, or your group.

Made with Padlet

A Look Ahead September 25th-29th

Important Announcements: 

STUCO: Congratulations to Grace for winning the class election for STUCO representative.  She will share our ideas and opinions at the STUCO meetings. Also, congratulations to all the students who ran for class representative, you all were risk takers and great communicators.

Twin/Triplet Day: Friday, September 29th will be our first SIS Spirit Day. Come to school dressed the same as a friend, or two!

Parent Teacher Conferences: Thursday, September 28th there will be no school for students.  We will have parent teacher conferences, if you have not already please sign up for a conference here.

Learning this Week

Reading: Continue Building a Reading Life 

We will conclude Building a Reading Life this week.  Students have learned retelling/summarizing a story, envisioning/predicting what will happen next in the story, inferring character traits, and understanding author’s craft. Over the course of this unit students have built skills and habits that will be used for their entire reading lives. Students are also in reading groups and will build communication skills during discussions of books on their independent reading levels.

Writing: Continue Narratives

3D writers are working on their personal narratives.  This week we will focus on one of the many pieces they have written and begin to revise to add craft into them so they readers can make mental movies in their heads. We will study SIS high schoolers’ personal narratives to find ways to incorporate strong leads, correct verb tense, dialogue, and more into our pieces.

As a class we will work together to add to the Traveling Tale that will be passed to us.  Be on the lookout for a published story at the beginning of October.

Math: Module 1: Multiplication and Division

This week we will wrap up our first module.  Students will demonstrate their learning and understanding by becoming the teacher. They will work independently or in partners to create a lesson to teach next year’s third graders. Students can teach their lesson in any way they want, as long as they pass their understanding of the content to the next class of third graders.

Social Studies: Students will show all they have learned in Home and Away by creating a map of a country of their choice. They will have two days for research and two days to create and complete the map. Below are the requirements for the poster:


A Peek at Our Past Week

A Look Ahead: September 18-22

Reading: Continue Building a Reading Life

This week our focus will be on envisioning/predicting and retelling/summarizing our reading. In third grade students really work to connect the parts of the story together to have a better understanding of the whole story. I will introduce students to learning progressions, a goal for students to focus on in their reading.

In guided reading groups students will read books on their level and develop basic reading skills as well as build upon their discussion repertoire. A main foundation of reading is the ability to share your reading thinking, both in written form and verbally. Students will begin to use their think marks to write more about their reading thinking.

Writing: Continue Crafting True Stories Unit

In writing workshop we will continue to work on narratives. Students will study what authors do and work to apply it to their writing.  We will focus on leads, creating the heart of our story, and editing as we go.

As writers we will continue to learn skills writers have and things they do each time they write.  Students will reflect on their writing and make goals, learn how to edit as they go, and writing ‘fast and furiously’.  By the end of this unit students will publish a small moment writing piece. Below is an example of a proficient 3rd grade piece.

Class Global Project: Traveling Tales
Our class will participate in another global project called Traveling Tales. We practice writing a story using the story mountain by collaborating with 4 other classes around the world.  Our story will be started with a class in New Zealand, then a class in Bahrain will write the build up. A class in the United States will introduce the problem. Next we will write the resolution, and finally a different class from the United States will write the ending.
We will write our part of the story as a class and then work on Adobe Spark Video to narrate and illustrate our part. Students will record their voices and add it to the video.  We will then pass our part on to be added to.  After all 5 classes write their part we will have a complete story.  You can follow along on Twitter @travellingtales
Our story starts with Dave the chicken from New Zealand.

Math: Continue Multiplication and Division

We continue to learn multiplication and division. Students will take the mid-module assessment on Tuesday. The assessment will not only focus on the answer to questions, but also on the ability to solve problems in multiple ways and for students to explain their thinking.

We have learned a variety of strategies to solve multiplication/division problems:

  • Draw an array
  • Make equal groups
  • Skip counting (up or down)
  • Number sentences (4 x 6 = 24)
  • Fact families
  • Tape diagrams 

Below is important vocabulary to know in order to access the math content. I created a Quizlet set for your child to learn and practice the unit vocabulary. Simply go to this link and your child can choose the activity he/she wants to do (flashcards, learn, match, etc)

Social Studies: Continue Home and Away unit

Last week when our class visitor, Bessie Bear taught us about peace, justice, and strong institutions (a UNICEF’s Global Goal) students were inspired to do something.  We spent the remaining part of the week working in groups to share about Peace One Day coming up this week.  Students organized themselves into groups based on their interest and strengths. In groups students worked to design a t-shirt, create posters on Keynote, write letters and a comic book, produce a multilingual video, and prepare a presentation to share with the other 3rd grade classes.  This week students will work on completing their group’s work and prepare for the brief presentation on Peace One Day.

If your child would like to order a t-shirt designed by Tiffany, Sissi, and Angela please fill out the form at the bottom of their letter that went home and send in the money on Monday. I am going to try and get them printed in time for Peace One Day. **If you would like to volunteer to help me get the shirts printed at Decathalon please email me.

The presentation group discusses plans with Mr. Kanibar.