Our Class is… on Fire!

What gets bigger when it eats and gets smaller when it drinks?


We have started investigating and doing exploration on fire and fire fighters.

This learning adventure started when the children were working on a fire engine puzzle. They started singing the fire truck song and began being interested in fire fighters. We, then, provoked their curiosity by showing real life videos of fire and how fire fighters extinguish them.


Learners began being curious about where the water is coming from when fire fighters extinguish fire, so we went on a mini-community field trip to look for fire hydrants.


Through the day, we have been working on artworks to set ablaze the learners passion for fire.



We also practiced how to count, started to get familiarized numbers visually through our fire truck counting puzzle



We even made a fire fighter helmet


And a fire engine.


We even have tactile explorations in the light table about fire.



As we continue to go through these exciting learning experiences, a lot of science concepts are tackled as well literacy and math learnings.



We set the path ablaze for exploration!






Reading Buddies

This year, we are so fortunate to have Mr. Sheppard’s 4A class to be our reading buddies.

They came to our class and the teachers paired up the children as the fourth graders read a book to our lovely Tyrannosaurus learners.

It was an amazing first session.


Parent Conference… Thank you!

Hi Parents,

We  would like to express our deep appreciation for you support on our last Parent Goal setting conference.

I had such a wonderful time getting to know the children from your perspective and also updating you on their growth in the span 6 weeks. I am very blessed to have wonderfully involved parents in class. I am excited for the rest of the days to come this school year!

Life Skills Learning with Middle School Friends

Today, four middle school friends went to our classroom to help us learn life skills. They have introduced themselves to us, read the book “Germs are not for Sharing” and lead our class in some familiar songs. They have also taught us a song about washing our hands the right way. We have also learned about the germs in our hands if we do not wash our hands. We, then, washed our hands before going outside to spend some time with our Life-skills buddies.