Book Week this Week!

Here is the Schedule of Activities for Book Week:

Monday – Pajama Day – Cozy up with a book and read

Tuesday – Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)  ECC-Grade 1 – 11:00am


Wednesday – swap around with a teacher and read to another class

Story Walks! –  The library is setting up 2 Story walks to take place outside. Knufflebunny and Gaston.

Friday –  Dress up as a book character and take part in Books Come Alive.


Science Corner: Light and Shadow

As a new interest in dinosaurs emerge from our young learners, we have tugged into the cloak of curiosity.

During circle time, the teacher asked, what will happen if we turn off all the lights?

Smart theories emerged.

So we turned off all the lights, took a flashlight and shone it.

We then took a long thin tube, inserted the flashlight in it and shone it on the ceiling.

The learners’ faces were filled with wonder as they saw a concentrated dancing light on the ceiling.

We then showed an old overhead projector.

Projected the light on a big paper posted on the wall.

And placed a dinosaur on the overhead projector.

Our amazing learners took turns in tracing the dinosaur on the wall.



Science: Properties of water (solubility)

During discovery science sessions, the children were given water on a small container as well as medicine droppers.

They were also supplied waters of different primary colors, red, blue  and yellow.

You can see the amazement and wonder in each student’s eye when the water changes color every time they dropped colored water in it.

For the next phase of the discovery session, instead of using water, the students were give oil in their containers instead.

They eagerly tested what will happen and were full of curiosity and wonder.


PreK1 Winter Concert





International Weeks 2017

To celebrate diversity and culture, we have opened our door to parents to do culturally significant activities in class, culminating on an International Parade and Potluck on December 1.


Here are our Highlights so far…



Luc’s parents came and taught us how to make Danish Oatballs… Fun and Yummy!








April’s mom read awesome books from their culture



Nutrition and Health with MS Life skills buddies

When our Middle school buddies arrived, they read as a book about emotions with our photos in it!


We then went outside to take art in the exciting game that follows.

The rules were explained to us…


And we listened intently


We were playing a game of junk food tag!




Our buddies were  the ‘junk foods’


We were asked to wear a special vest


Whenever one of the junk foods catch us, our vests are filled in with one plastic ball


Until it is all filled. Representing how we ‘fill up’ our bodies with unhealthy content when we eat junk foods.