October 15

Week 7 @PreK1A – Brave Bears

Brave Bears’ week 7 learning engagements were mostly initiated by them.

With provocations and invitations, the Brave Bears apply prior knowledge about early math (numbers) during play.


The Brave Bears’ interest in early math was also extended during circle time. They counted and compared how many boys and girls in the class, and as well as identifying their gender by color (blue for boys and red for girls).


Also, the Brave Bears participated in “What can you create? challenge during free play. What skills do you think the Brave Bears apply in this learning engagement?

…and here are our Little Chefs Friday Cooking experience.

Gentle Reminders:


Open Door Policies:

Mark Your Calendar:

October 22: PSA Movie Night, 6:30pm @ SIS Soccer Field


October 27: Halloween Parade (more details to come)

October 30: Professional Development (NO SCHOOL)


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October 13


Numbers!!! some of the Brave Bears happily screamed when they discovered numbers in the manipulative area.

With excitement, they spread the numbers in the circle time area and even named some of the numbers.

They also started writing numbers they know from memory.


….and created a number train.

How can you introduce/teach math concepts (numbers, colors, sizes, and measurement) to your child at home?

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October 13

Friday Cooking @PreK1a

What’s on the menu?

……it’s Banana smoothie!

Prior to making the banana smoothie, the Brave Bears counted and graphed how many bananas the class has.

The Brave Bears even had a feel of the banana smoothie’s ingredients. They discovered that yogurt from the fridge is cold. 🙂

…and then the making. The Brave Braves,


Put the banana and the yogurt in the blender,

Turned the blender on,

And poured the smoothie in their cup.

This learning engagement is helping the Brave Bears to develop self-help skills, independence, and as well as math and literacy skills.



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October 12

Mini-lessons @PreK1A

The Brave Bears are learning a lot from mini-lessons. Mini-lessons that teach children skills, concepts or knowledge that help them to become independent learners, collaborators, complex thinkers, global citizen, and communicators.

The Brave Bears’ last mini-lesson was about how to use a glue stick. We have noticed that some of the Brave Bears don’t know how to use a glue stick. So, we gathered all the Bears on the carpet and gave them a first-hand experience on how to use a glue stick and to put the lid back as well.

Learning how to use a glue stick will help the Brave Bears to independently or collaboratively showcase or represent thinking through art. Also, they learn to take care of the classroom materials.

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