September 13

Can you match the symbols? Making personalized attendance name cards

To become a member of a caring learning community, it is important that there is something that represents that makes someone as a unique individual, such as his/her name. Names that are not only seen or written in the personal belongings, but as well as displayed in the classroom.

…and to make the Brave Bears’ name even more special, they put together the letters or symbols in their name in sequence.

Some of them were matching the symbols and some of them were already naming some letters.

These name cards will be used for Brave Bears to sign-in when they enter the classroom in the morning, and we aim that these name cards will help them to increase their awareness of prints and knowledge of the letters of the alphabet.

What skills do you think this activity has supported and how can you help in developing your child’s literacy skills?

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1 thoughts on “Can you match the symbols? Making personalized attendance name cards

  1. James Russell Hornsby

    Thank you for the daily details. I am in the US and seeing my daughter through your updates is both well appreciated.

    Again thank you


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