September 15

How can you help? Developing a sense of responsibility

These past few days, the Brave Bears were volunteering to take responsibility in carrying the class’ basic needs during outdoor playtimes, such as water basket and a tissue box. Also, some of them are beginning to help friends who need assistance, especially during snack time.

When the Brave Bears were asked how they can help, and with a little prompt. They came up with 5 jobs for them and a job for their teachers. Can you guess which one is the teachers’ job? 🙂


The Brave Bears will take a turn to be responsible with one of the jobs except for the bathroom job. 🙂

We are looking forward to all the Brave Bears to become more responsible not only with his/her job but as well as with his/her belongings.

How can your child develop a sense of responsibility at home?

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2 thoughts on “How can you help? Developing a sense of responsibility

  1. James Russell Hornsby

    Thank you for these updates; form is exceptional. I provided your team blog’s to my friends here in St. Louis and they are” totally impressed.

    My best

  2. alope1 (Post author)

    Thanks, Russ!

    My goal is for parents to be timely updated on their child’s learning experiences. I do know that it’s parents joy to see how’s their child at school, especially when parents are away.

    …and also thank you for regularly visiting our class blog. Please keep those comments coming. It’s a joy to read them. 🙂


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