October 3

Week 6 @PreK1A – Brave Bears

Brave Bears’ week 6 was short but was still full of learning engagements.

During Library visit, the Brave Bears walked and looked at books with a buddy. We hope that buddy system will help the children build a new friendship.

During PE, the Brave Bears continued to practice basic movements. After the break, Brave Bears will start to with ball games.


During exploration time, the Brave Bears investigated what can they do with light. While exploring, the Brave Bears noticed that objects can get big and small when put in the light.

Also, they played with pretend moon in the classroom, moving the moon high and low.

…and speaking of the moon, the Brave Bears also tasted mooncakes. Happy Moon Festival!

In addition, the Brave Bears had a lesson on what’s good and bad food from MS Buddies and made patterned fruit kebabs after.


Lastly, the Brave Bears bid goodbye to Jessie Bear. Jessie Bear will be back in June to say her farewells before the school year ends. The Brave Bears will continue to follow Jessie’s journey through her blog, and a possible Skype with her as well.

Mark Your Calendar

October 9: Classes Resume

October 27: Halloween Parade (more details to follow)

October 30: Teachers’ Professional Day – NO SCHOOL


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