February 11

Week 22 @PreK1a, Brave Bears – Chinese New Year learning experiences through collaboration with experts & parents

“Children learn best through hands-on learning experiences.”

Last week, the Brave Bears were fortunate to have experts and parents to come and teach about Chinese New Year.

First, the Brave Bears learned about Chinese paper cutting with Ms. Lizzy (Marco’s sister). This activity was a great learning engagement for developing a better control of a pair of scissors.

The Brave Bears made their own dumplings with Yoyi’s mom and aye.

“Fillings on the wrapper then put water on the wrapper to close the dumpling.”

During ECC CNY celebration the Brave Bears watched a Lion show, and as well as show their Kung Fu moves.

Then after the celebration, the Brave Bears experienced to make noodles.

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There was also a magic show last week.

Next week, the Brave Bears will go to Splendid China to learn more about China. Also, they will meet their Reading Buddies.

Upcoming Events

Feb 12: PreK1 Splendid China Field Trip

Feb 14: Kindness Day – do something nice to anyone

Reading Buddy

Feb 15 – Feb 25: Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb 26: Classes Resume

Feb 28: Middle School Life Skills Buddies

Mar 2: Collaboration Learning Story Goes Home

Mar 12 – 16: Book Week

Mar 22: Learning Comes Alive

Mar 26 – 30: Spring Break

Apr 1: Classes Resume

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Lanyard: Please wear your yellow lanyard when at school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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