February 13

Splendid China Trip Learning Experiences

Goals of the trip: It will raise the awareness of the children of the Chinese Culture through the Park’s many activities and performances. Children will have the opportunities to see the miniature of China’s most popular attractions, which will also enhance children’s understanding of the ongoing school-wide China Week activities.

The Brave Bears Splendid China’s exploration started with a dance show. Also, they have the opportunity to join the dance. It was great to see the Brave Bears showing their dance moves.


Then, they went off to explore the miniature famous attractions/villages of China.

The Brave Bears even went on a scavenger hunt.

In addition, the Brave Bears rode a train to see more of Splendid China.

…and of course, the Brave Bears’ class didn’t leave Splendid China without a group picture. 🙂

Overall, the trip was fun and a great first-hand learning experience where children gain knowledge along-side their friends or together.

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