March 12

Week 25 @PreK1a, Brave Bears – How many ways can you express yourself?

Each child is unique. Unique how they think. Unique how they learn. Unique how they express themselves.

Last week, the Brave Bears were provided with open-ended materials and learning experiences where they were encouraged to represent thinking in different ways. Also through open-ended materials and learning experiences, the Brave Bears scaffolded learning – they had inspired each other, worked together and made learning fun.

During indoor exploration, the Brave Bears made mikes using connectors and started sharing what they have learned through a song in a group. Also, during indoor exploration, the Brave Bears represent thinking using loose parts, such as popsicle sticks and clothespins. Click here to see the Brave Bears creations.


The Brave Bears also started to represent thinking through illustrations and simple stories.

In addition, the Brave Bears start to express themselves through photos and taking photos. This skill will also help them to independently share their learning using Seesaw.

Here are the Brave Bears learning engagements and experiences for this week’s Book Week.

Upcoming Events

Mar 23: PSA sponsored Farm Visit (more details to come)

Mar 26 – 30: Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

Apr 1: Classes Resume

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Bug spray: Please apply bug spray on your child before coming to school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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