April 2

Week 27 @PreK1A, Brave Bears – Did you take a good picture?

In the past few weeks, the Brave Bears have been learning how and what makes a good picture. Prior to learning the basics of taking photos using an iPad, they had to review the basics in handling a shared iPad.

Then, the Brave Bears shared what they know about how to take a picture using an iPad, and came up with a procedure on how to take a good picture.

The Brave Bears also had a picture walk and tagged good and bad photos (green for good and red for bad pictures). The next day, the Brave Bears shared what they noticed and compared the photos. They noticed that good pictures are clear, beautiful, full picture, happy face, and many colors. While bad pictures are blurry, not a full picture, and not focused.

With the criteria of a good picture, the Brave Bears took pictures of their chosen subject.

The Brave Bears were even asked to assess the photos they’ve taken. The best photo they’ve chosen are the ones that were submitted for the ECC Art Collaborative Project. Click here to learn more about the project.

This week, the Brave Bears will be introduced to their digital portfolio and will be guided on how they can independently share their own learning through the Seesaw app. In addition, the Brave Bears will learn more about bookmaking.

Upcoming Events

Apr 5: Qing Ming Holiday – NO SCHOOL

Apr 20: Field Day

Apr 21: Literacy Lounge

Apr 24: Learning Comes Alive

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Bug spray: Please apply bug spray on your child before coming to school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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