April 7

Week 28 @PreK1a, Brave Bears Journey to Digital Portfolio Update – Why and what is a digital portfolio?

Why digital portfolio?

The purpose of Digital Portfolio is to be transparent, authentic and personalized, with a home and school connection, and have our students become innovative contributors to a global world. (Christian K, Lopez A, Vargas L, 2014)

Digital Portfolio also supports Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLR’s) skills development.

What is a digital portfolio?

A digital portfolio as we all know are compilations of work in digital form. This definition is easy to understand by older learners, but not for young English language learners.

So, the Brave Bears have learned that anything that they see on their mommy, daddy, older sisters, older brothers, grandparents, uncles, and aunties phones, iPads, and computers are digital, especially the photos. The Brave Bears even looked into their class blog, Ms. Ann’s digital portfolio (Instagram), and got a glimpse of their own blog in Seesaw.

Also, the Brave Bears learned that their individual folder in the classroom is called paper portfolio and any of their work on the screen will be in their digital portfolio.

Next week, the Brave Bears will learn how and what to post on their own blog. Also, they will participate in learning engagements that will spark their curiosity, such as which sinks and which floats. In addition, the Brave Bears will be introduced to the digital story making where they can add audio on their own created stories.

…and here is the Brave Bears’ April Calendar.

Upcoming Events

Apr 20: ECC Field Day

Apr 21: Literacy Lounge

Apr 24: Learning Comes Alive

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Bug spray: Please apply bug spray on your child before coming to school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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