May 26

@PreK1a’s Story Time Question: What is a typewriter?

These past few days the Brave Bears are hearing some “big” words from stories and some learning engagements. For example, during story time they wondered what is a typewriter from the story, “Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin. So, the best way to teach the Brave Bears a new word is to teach them in context. However, due to there is no available typewriter around, the Brave Bears had used the digital version on a typewriter, which is a computer!

Here are the Brave Bears happily typing their name in a digital typewriter, and they also learned that computers have keyboards and so the phones as well.

Those “big “words are visually displayed in the classroom, and when the Brave Bears learn a new “big” word they ask their teacher to write it on the word wall.

This learning engagement also informed teachers which od the Brave Bear’s can recognize the letters of their name.

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