October 11

Early Math: What is a circle?

For the past few days, the Super Sharks have been asking to play the circle song. The song is becoming one of their favorite. They gladly draw circles in the air and walk in a circle. With this interest, the Super Sharks were challenged to share what they know about a circle.

During indoor exploration, different sizes of circles were placed in the writing area with different coloring materials. With no prompts, the Super Sharks started to color and draw on the circles. When they were asked what is a circle, they responded…

The Super Sharks also have shown what is a circle in a big group.

To further (assessment) check how much knowledge they know or have learned about circles, they went for circle shape hunting. The Super Sharks found a lot of circles! They even noticed the bell in the tower. 🙂

Next week, the Super Sharks will apply the knowledge they gained to new learning engagement, illustrating a self-portrait.

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