February 5

Week 21 @PreK1a, Brave Bears – What do you know about Chinese New Year?

“I like Chinese New Year!” most of the Brave Bears responded when they were informed that Chinese New Year is coming.

Prior to asking the Brave Bears what they know about Chinese New Year, they looked at the story behind Chinese New Year. In between the story, the Brave Bears were asked questions, such as what do you notice and what do you think.

Then the next day, the Brave Bears were presented with a mouth watery provocation to learn about what are the Chinese New Year colors.

…and here is the Brave Bears’ what we know about Chinese New Year.

Here are the Brave Bears’ learning engagements this week, and for the rest of February.

Upcoming Events

Feb 9: ECC CNY Celebration – Parents are all invited to watch the children perform some Chinese song at the Sports field from 8:30 to 9am.  Children are encouraged to wear Chinese traditional clothing on that day.

Feb 12: Splendid China Visit

Feb 15 – Feb 25: Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb 26: Classes Resume

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Lanyard: Please wear your yellow lanyard when at school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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January 15

Week 18 – @PreK1A, Brave Bears – Welcome Back!

The first week back of the Brave Bears was a smooth transition. They had time to reconnect with their friends and get to the school routine slowly.

During PE, the Bears Bears had to work together with a friend to have a ride on a scooter, and some of the children challenged themselves to shoot a ball through the hoops.


The Brave Bears had met their Reading Buddies as well. It was a joy to see how the children enjoying stories and a great time with their buddy.

….and on Friday, the Brave Bears had made a vegetable soup, good for the cold weather.

Prior to cooking the Brave Bears chose their favorite veggie and compared the results. They found out the corn is the most favorite veggie.


Upcoming Events:

Jan 22 & 23: 8:00-9:00 Parent session: Accessing the Gecko Portal @ library

Jan 25: 1st Semester Reports available on the Gecko Portal

Gentle Reminders

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Lanyard: Please wear your yellow lanyard when at school.

Birthdays: Please let us know in advance when celebrating your child’s birthday at school. Only cake or cupcakes, please.

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November 24

“This is Me!” Part 2

The Brave Bears final self-portraits have shown that they have learned more about themselves in a short amount of time. Their self-portraits are more detailed to the point that they even wanted to draw their family portrait as well.

In this activity, the Brave Bears also shown their ability to control a writing material and to document what they noticed from the iPad camera.

The Brave Bears self-portraits will be displayed in the classroom next week. Feel free to check them out.

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November 4

Brave Bears meet 1C Super Kids for Reading Buddy

You can find magic where ever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. ~ Dr Suess

…and that’s what the Brave Bears had done while they were being read by their Reading Buddy. Grade 1C, Super Kids started reading their own written stories, then read some of the Brave Bears favorite stories.

Reading Buddies support the young learners growing passion to reading. It also improves social and communication skills, such as speaking and listening abilities.

Click here to find more about the benefits of Reading Buddies.

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