February 13

Splendid China Trip Learning Experiences

Goals of the trip: It will raise the awareness of the children of the Chinese Culture through the Park’s many activities and performances. Children will have the opportunities to see the miniature of China’s most popular attractions, which will also enhance children’s understanding of the ongoing school-wide China Week activities.

The Brave Bears Splendid China’s exploration started with a dance show. Also, they have the opportunity to join the dance. It was great to see the Brave Bears showing their dance moves.


Then, they went off to explore the miniature famous attractions/villages of China.

The Brave Bears even went on a scavenger hunt.

In addition, the Brave Bears rode a train to see more of Splendid China.

…and of course, the Brave Bears’ class didn’t leave Splendid China without a group picture. 🙂

Overall, the trip was fun and a great first-hand learning experience where children gain knowledge along-side their friends or together.

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February 5

Week 21 @PreK1a, Brave Bears – What do you know about Chinese New Year?

“I like Chinese New Year!” most of the Brave Bears responded when they were informed that Chinese New Year is coming.

Prior to asking the Brave Bears what they know about Chinese New Year, they looked at the story behind Chinese New Year. In between the story, the Brave Bears were asked questions, such as what do you notice and what do you think.

Then the next day, the Brave Bears were presented with a mouth watery provocation to learn about what are the Chinese New Year colors.

…and here is the Brave Bears’ what we know about Chinese New Year.

Here are the Brave Bears’ learning engagements this week, and for the rest of February.

Upcoming Events

Feb 9: ECC CNY Celebration – Parents are all invited to watch the children perform some Chinese song at the Sports field from 8:30 to 9am.  Children are encouraged to wear Chinese traditional clothing on that day.

Feb 12: Splendid China Visit

Feb 15 – Feb 25: Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb 26: Classes Resume

Gentle Reminders

PE Tuesday: Please send your child to school with comfortable clothes.

Attendance: Arrival is the Brave Bears social and time to reconnect with friends. Please send your child to school on time.

Lanyard: Please wear your yellow lanyard when at school.

Snacks: A gentle reminder that NO chocolates for snacks.

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November 17

Week 13 @PreK1A, Brave Bears – Belonging Strand Begins

Knowing self and others is the learning focus of this week. It is vital for young learners to know who they are and the people around them, such as friends. This will help them not just to build a caring community, but a place where they belong. This week, the Brave Bears shared what they know about themselves through a self-portrait. Next week, the Brave Bears will have work on their final self-portrait. Click here for the detailed post.

Learning about the early math concept more or less nicely weaved with belonging strand as well, because the Brave Bears learned that they belong to a group which at times is more and at times is less. Find the Brave Bears more or less learning experiences here.

The Brave Bears were also introduced to the concept of recycling. They were challenged to create with Yakult and cardboard. Click here to see how the Brave Bears completed the challenge.

Next week, the Brave Bears will start to learn about the world around them, such as where their friends come from, and as well as a taste of their friends’ culture.

Upcoming Events:

Nov 20 to Dec 1: International Weeks

We are inviting parents to come to our class and do culturally significant activities that represent your countries.
Activities you might want to share : 
  • Make a traditional Craft (easy for children)  
  • Teach us how to make a traditional but easy children food 
  • Traditional children’s games, etc
  • Teach us a children’s song in your language  
  • Read to us in your language 
  • Surprise us? 🙂 

Click here for a convenient time.

Nov 21: Parent Workshop: Creative Use of the iPad

Dec 1: International Parade & Potluck

Dress your child in national costume or with the colors of your flag on that day. Parents are invited to watch the parade and encouraged to bring a traditional snack to share with the class for the potluck.

Dec 2: International Winter Bazaar 

Dec 7: Winter Concert (more details to come)

Dec 15: 11:30 Early Dismissal

Dec 18 – Jan 5: Winter Break (No School)

Jan 8: Classes Resume

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