September 26

Jessie’s Time @ #SISRocks, China

Jessie started her time at #SISRocks by taking part in building a caring community, where students have agency in their learning and how they make connections with others.

Just right after Jessie met the Super Sharks, she made good friends. 

Then, Jessie and friends continued to develop their friendship through music. Jessie was a good audience. 🙂


The Super Sharks also found out that Jessie is supporting Sustainable Developmental Goal Good Health and Well-being.


The Super Sharks wanted to help Jessie’s advocacy by donating their “small steps” to one of the Charity Miles charity foundation, World Food Program USA. For a few days now, they are walking to create a difference. The Super Sharks hopes that you can continue or join them with their effort to fight hunger/malnutrition and find ways to ensure healthy living.

Jessie didn’t miss to celebrate Mid-Autumn celebration in China.

…and Jessie will always be remembered as a part of the Super Sharks family! 

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