September 4

Teachers Profile

Ann Lopez 


Qualifications – Master of Science in Education Specialized in Elementary Reading and Literacy PreK to 6, Bachelor in Elementary Education, Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Certificate E.S.L. in the Mainstream for Early Learners, Multiple Intelligences Certificate, Basic Computer Skills Workshop Presenter, First Aid Certified, Passed Praxis Exam in Early Childhood Content Knowledge, Certificate in PYP

Experience – Right after gaining my Bachelors Degree in the Philippines, I came to China to find my luck. I was very fortunate and was hired as a teaching assistant in the school. Soon after I began to teach the lovely PreK 1 students, then taught PreK 2 for five years, and now back with the lovely PreK 1s. I’ve been a part of, and involved in, different school improvement teams, charity works and have actively shared skills with the school’s Yearbook team. In addition, I’m the ECC After School Activities ASA Coordinator to present. I’ve been with the school for more than a decade.

About Me – I’m very enthusiastic about finding ways to improve myself as a professional; taking courses online, attending on and off campus training and workshops. As a teacher, I believe that children learn best through play and learning by doing. It’s my joy to see the children try new things and explore the fun of play while learning. The students are always my priority. I love exploring, learning new things, and as well developing my technology skills. This year, I’m thrilled to on how can I use technology for learning and instruction to the little ones. I like photography and cooking. I am very excited to meet my new students, and to learn all about them and what they like to do! Most of all I’m looking forward to exploring, learning and discovering alongside with the children.


Lilla Gan

Teaching  Assistant

Qualifications – Bachelor in Education, Preschool Education Major

Experience – This is my 7th year of working with young children. I worked for 6 years with the 3 to 5 years old in QSI. This is my first year in SIS. I also worked as a teaching assistant during summer school.

About Me:  I love to work in school because I can see lovely children. I enjoy learning and playing with children, especially with the little ones. I attend night classes to learn more about early childhood education. I’m looking forward to having a great year!

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