October Calendar

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great National holiday and enjoyed spending time with your family.

Updates for this month:

  • If you would like to share one picture regarding the holiday please send it to me so your child can share his/her holiday with us during circle time 🙂
  • We will slowly start introducing morning Sign-in for children.
  • We will also start library visit and children will learn some basic guidelines/rules when visiting the library.
  • Children will have opportunities to take our class friends hedgehog Chester/Cai Hong home and spend a week with them. More details will follow.
  • Birthday party @ 9:30am Oct. 10th.
  • Halloween celebration/parade @ Oct.27th. Children will dress up in their favourite costumes and parade at the sports field. More details will follow.
  • Professional learning day for teachers @ Oct. 30th. No school for children.


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