Fire Engines!

The happy hedgehogs have shown lots of interests in fire trucks, fire fighters, and fire departments. We have started to explore and learn the different parts on the fire engines. Today we made our own fire engines with the red body, wheels, ladder, water hose, sirens, lights, and windows. Some children even had a fire fighter on their fire truck. 

March Updates!

  • Book week is coming soon! If you would like to read to the class as a “mystery reader” please contact me.
  • We have changed our afternoon schedule slightly to adjust to children’s developmental need. The nap time has been shortened so children can have extra time to either explore freely in the classroom or go outside to the playground. Please let me know if you have any concerns about it.
  • If you have any recyclables at home, please consider bringing them to the class. We might be able to use them to work on some big projects.
  • As the weather is getting warmer, please update the sets of clothes stored at school. Please also check the sun screen and bug spray in the classroom to see if they are not expired.

Welcome Back!

Children are happy to be back at school! We shared some holiday pictures with everyone and children were excited to explain every single details that were in the pictures! Thank you for sharing pictures/videos with us!

Please see January calendar below and let me know if you have any questions.

Well Done! The Happy Hedgehogs!

Thank you for joining us at our Winter Concert. The children enjoyed the experience of standing on the “stage” with all the other classes and performing for our parents. We are so glad that all of us did very well! Proud of you!


Hope to see you on Friday!

Some reminders about Friday’s Parade…

  • Be at school at 8:00am, no later than 8:10am.
  • Parents please wait at the Sports Field after drop off.
  • Have your child wear cultural clothes during the parade (Optional)
  • Bring a traditional dish/snack from your country to share (Potluck starts at 9:30am)
  • Parents are free to leave after the potluck finish (Around 10:00amish)
  • Please let me know if you have any questions.


We met our Reading Buddies for the first time!

The happy hedgehogs have shown that they can properly handle books and are eager to listen to many stories. So we brought them to meet with their reading buddies in Grade 1, Ms. Linda Ill’s class. We visited 1B classroom and paired up with grade 1 students. They enjoyed the time together and are looking forward to meeting with them soon.

The Happy Hedgehogs Updates

The happy hedgehogs will start library visit regularly. We have been learning how to handle books nicely and flipping pages from the corner. We also enjoy reading with each other so our grade 1 reading buddies can model good reading habits to us.

Some updates for this month…

  • Middle school buddies will come and make healthy yogurt fruit with us on Nov.10th.
  • PSA coffee @ Nov. 14th. Please see flyer for details below.
  • Birthday party @ Nov. 17th.
  • International Celebration starts on Nov.20. Parade will be on Dec.1st. More details will follow.
  • Nov.24 is a half day professional learning day. 11:30am dismissal for students.



Hedgehog Class Updates!

This week we have been busy learning about Halloween and also making artworks about Halloween. We shared ideas about what to dress up for Halloween parade and also made “Spider Pretzel” snack to celebrate Halloween. We worked on our trick-or-treat bag for Friday’s Halloween activities and they are now ready to go! We can’t wait for Friday to come!