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Welcome to Student Led Conferences Coming on May 24th, 2019 (Thursday)


Dear parents,

Please check homeroom teachers’ link for singing up for student led conference if you plan to come for your child’s Chinese section. Welcome!

Should  you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

Mrs. Zhang


The students had a great fun in the field trip to local Haichang Community.


The students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 had great fun during the field trips to local Shekou Haichang Community. Different grade did different activities. K & G1: Making Chinese New Year Cards // G2 & G3: Painting on Chinese fan//G4 & G5: Handing making a craft flower.



Chinese Field Trips are coming on Jan. 25th, Jan. 28th & Jan. 29th. Please read the details.


Dear parents,                                                   Jan 21st , 2019

The Chinese New Year is coming. Chinese culture is an important part of the SIS Chinese curriculum. It helps students learn the Chinese language and understand China from different aspects. Therefore, we will organize a Chinese class field trip to the local community for our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students to celebration Chinese New Year.

We are going to visit Haichang Community Nursing House during Jan 25th, Jan 28th, and Jan 29th. The Arts and Crafts Group will guide our students to make Chinese New Year arts and crafts. Please check the detail schedule and information below for each grade level.

Please fill the form at the bottom and return the slip to your kids’ Chinese teacher before Wednesday, Jan 23rd.

Should you have any questions, please also let us know.

Thank you for your support!

SIS Primary Chinese Department

Date Time Grade Levels Activities
Jan 25th


8:45am-11:15am G4 Silk Flowers
12:45pm-2:45pm KG+KG FHP New Year Card
Jan 28th


8:45am-11:15am G5 Silk Flowers
12:45pm-2:45pm G3 Chinese Painting on the fan
Jan 29th


8:45am-11:15am G2+G2 & G3 FHP Chinese Painting on the fan
12:45pm-2:45pm G1+G1 FHP New Year Card

———Please cut off bottom and return it to school. Keep the top for your reference————

My child ________________________________ (child’s name) in ____________ (class)  has my permission to go on the Chinese field trip.  In case of emergency, I can be reached at _______________________ (cell phone).  

Parent Signature ___________________________      Date _____________________

Parent Name Printed ________________________


SIS ES Chinese Homepage

SIS ES Chinese Homepage


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