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Cooking porridge like Mama Bear

In the last three week we are reading The Three Bear every day. Most of the children knows by heart all the story and like to read it again and again. Today we were cooking some hot porridge just like Mama Bear. The porridge was too hot so the Little Bunnies went for a walk until it got cool.

Cooking Porridge:

When we went outside waiting for the porridge to get cool we were also looking for caterpillar because we saw leaves  with holes in them and running after few butterflies:


When we went back inside the class the porridge was just right!

Fire Station Field Trip

Going to the Fire Station enable the children to see in real what we have learnt as part of our transportation project. To see a real fire Engine in action especially shooting the water from the water hose is an interesting experience for the children. Some of them were a bit scared  but all the others had learnt a lot, and had some fun as well (getting wet from the water)!


Visit at the Friendly Pandas Class

This morning we went to visit the Friendly Pandas in their class (ECLC1A). We were playing together, they show us how to use their iPads and how to use toys and games they have in their class. we had group time together: singing, dancing and reading a book. All the little bunnies had so much fun and it was a good experience for the children to get familiar with ECLC1 classes.

Matching sizes

The children are trying to match the puzzles by the size of the pieces. from the smallest  to the biggest, just like in the book: Big one for Papa bear, Medium one for Mama bear and small one for Baby bear:


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Making the images from the book

The children are creating the images from the book to be able to use it when we are reading together. They are gluing the pieces together and put the on a stick after they finish decorating them.

The first one was  Papa Bear:

The Bear’s parts

We are trying to teach the children what body parts the bear has. They need to glue them together in the right order and after they finish gluing they decorated the bear.


Mini Project: The three Bears

We also start working on the book: The Three Bears. After reading it few time we saw the children interest in it and decided to have some activities that related to the story.

We are reading the book together with pieces that the children put on the board:




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