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International week activities – Listening to stories in different language

Listening to stories in different languages enable the children to be more open and realize that we have different languages around us, not only English and Chinese. It’s nice to see the children sitting and listening when we have Parents reading for us.

Louis’s Daddy came to read us a story in French.


French story 2


French story 1

Albin’s & Agnes’s Mom came to read us a story in Swedish:

Sw 2


Sw story 1


International week activities

The Little bunnies are busy with activities related to the cultures we have in our class.

Ayuki’s Mom came to share two Japanese activities:

She was teaching us how to sing the song: Okina Taiko

The children are singing together from all 3 classes:


After singing Ayuki’s Mom was teaching us how to make Japanese traditional food – Sushi:

Shark In the Park

We are reading the book Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt for 2 week now. The children like to listen to the book so we decided to make the telescope and the figures from the book.

You can open the link and listen to the story with your child:

Making the telescope; each one of the children was choosing his own paper roll and cover the top with cellophane paper using color tapes. When the telescopes were ready the children used them to help Timothy to look for the shark:

Music time

Music is a very important part of the Nursery daily routine. We play different kind of music during the day as part of group time  (including dancing)  and in the background during the day.

Research has shown that children who are actively involved with music (who play it or sing it regularly):

  • do better in reading and math when they start school
  • are better able to focus and control their bodies
  • play better with others and have higher self-esteem

 During group time we are teaching the Little Bunnies  how to use the music instruments we have in the classroom.

Each one of them is taking a turn to show us how he can play the instrument and if they need some assistance they get it from us. They are very proud of themselves when they show their friends how to play the music:

Moon Festival; Making Red Lanterns

It’s festival time. We were talking with the children about the big moon and the celebration for the moon. Red Lanterns are part of this celebration and the children was busy making beautiful lanterns. During this activity we are teaching the children to become independent learners. We start to use scissors and glue sticks, the children needs guidance how to use it properly and we are sitting  and assisting each one of them:

Science Time: Making Ice

The Little bunnies are busy with activities related to water. One of the activities is making ice cubes: we helped the children to pour water in to a plastic bags and gave them to check the bags: Is the water inside the bag warm or cold? is it soft or hard? what happened when you touch it – are you wet now?


The next step was to put the bags in the freezer and wait for 2 days until the water changed into ice:


After 2 days waiting patently we are ready to take the ice out from the freezer and to explore what happened to the water in the freezer: Is it cold? Is it hard? how does it feel to put it on your face, or touch it with your hands?