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Happy Friday – Making Choo-Choo Train from Cracker

The Little Bunnies are busy investigating different kind of vehicles. Making a train from crackers and frosting to stick it together is a hard work but all of the children had a good time making it. They need to use a knife to spread the frosting on the crackers and stick the small and round crackers as the wheels and windows. They need to have patient and good control over the small muscles in their hands.

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ECLC Parents-Teacher meeting

Dear ECLC Families,

 Please mark on your calendar that the ECLC department will be holding mid-year Parent / Teacher conferences this year.  We have not usually held these in the past, however, in communication with both teachers and parents, we have decided that a mid-year conference is a good time to check in with parents, reassess goals made at the beginning of the year and plan for the remaining half of the school year.

It will also be an opportunity to discuss the progress report for your child.  The progress report will be sent home on the 22nd of January which gives you some time to read the report and prepare anything you would like to discuss at the conference meeting.

This year the Parent / Teacher conferences will be held over a span of 2 weeks from the 26th January – 6th February.  Teachers will be sending out a sign-up genius so that you can enter a time and date to meet, that suits both your schedule and theirs.

Please look out for more information soon, from your child’s teacher, about the Parent / Teacher conferences.

As a reminder, the Elementary school will hold Parent / Teacher conferences on Thursday 15th January in the afternoon, however, for the ECLC children this is a normal day and school will continue as per normal.

Diving into Tansportaion

Transportation Project

It seems that the Little Bunnies shows an interest in different kind of vehicles, so we decided to start making and investigating them.

Our first activity was making airplanes in 2 ways:

1 – By using paper rolls for the body and color paper for the wings

2 – By  using popsicle stick as the body and color paper for the wings

This activity enable them to learn about the airplane shape and to increase eye hand coordination and the function of their hands.

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Making Ginger Bread cookies – Late update

Baking Ginger bread cookies;

The Winter holiday is just around the corner and the Little Bunnies are busy making holiday cookies – Ginger bread cookies. We are making the dough together, smelling the cinnamon and ginger and mix it in the dough. After the cookies cool down from the oven the children decorated them with vanilla frosting.

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Learning a new way of drawing

Water dropper&straw drawing

We are giving the children many different art activities to enrich their learning. Painting with a straw is one of them. You need to dilute the paint with water and use water dropper to put some paint on the paper, then you need to use a straw to blow the paint and create you beautiful picture.

SAM_9942 SAM_9939 SAM_9938 SAM_9935 SAM_9934 SAM_9930

End of 2014 and into 2015

Welcome back to the Little Bunnies,

It’s hard to believe that half of the year is already behind us. The children are growing very fast and gaining new experiences every day. We had a lot of fun on the wither party and are ready to start the second half of the school Year.

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