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on the way

The children are now more familiar with the routines, and are learning to get to know one another and the teaching staff. They are already helping in “Clean up time” – putting the toys back on the shelves and cleaning the tables.

SAM_3305 SAM_3309 SAM_3311 SAM_3313 SAM_3314

They are also busy playing and investigating things around them, it takes time to know the classroom and to feel comfortable as well as to trust the teachers and teaching staff.

SAM_3269 SAM_3280 SAM_3285 SAM_3287 SAM_3288 SAM_3300

A Happy Start

The children are settling down in the classroom, each one in his own special way. For some of them it’s a little bit harder then for the others. They get to know our routines and they can already find what they wants in the classroom.

Sitting together to listen to a story is an opportunity to feel like a part of the group and show your friends and teachers what a good listener you are!

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