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A rainy day in the Dinosaurs calss

Today the rain was heavy and we wanted to go and see what is happening in the Dinosaurs class.  It was a good experience to play with the bigger children and they were happy to assist us the “little” ones.

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We are Independent Learners

One of our goals at SIS is to teach the children to be independent and to be able to be responsible for their own learning.

It was clean uptime and the children finished to clean up the classroom, they sit on the carpet with their bags ready to go home and then Gael started to sing and they all  joined him happily, singing the “circle time” songs.

The children are now taking responsibility for their own learning, they  know the classroom routine and they can be active by themselves. They are INDEPENDENT  LEARNERS!



Happy reading time

The Little Bunnies are sitting listening to a story that Sawyer’s Grandma is reading for them.

They are exited to learn what will happened in the story.

Having family members in the class giving the children opportunity to broaden their experiences and enjoy other adults teaching them.

IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1540

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