Welcome to the magical Little Bunnies Class

Miss Naama and Miss Hongji want to share their philosophy and beliefs with you all.

Our classroom goal is to have happy children that love to come to school.

We are working together with the children to teach positive social skills and appropriate behavior, to enable them to increase their abilities in all areas.

Our program includes many activities such as: creative art, dramatic play, manipulative play, movement, dance and sensory experiences, which develop fine motor skills. The playground activities we provide help to develop basic loco motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, and galloping as well as riding vehicles).

We also provide project activities that follow the children’s interest. In each project we give the children a variety of activities that relate to the project as well as covering a wide range of skills that increase their abilities in all developmental areas.

You are most well come to look through our web pages for more information.

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