Learning Comes Alive!


Thank you to all who were able to make it to our Learning Comes Alive this past Thursday! It was great to see all the children show you their favourite things to do in the classroom, sing their favourite songs and read a few of their favourite books with you. Hopefully now you have an idea of how your children spend their mornings.




Hello and welcome to the Curious Cats blog! Here, I will post updates about what we are doing in class as well as any important events and dates to be aware of.

Last week we introduced a Song Board to our circle time that has pictures of all the songs that we like to sing. Each child then gets a turn to come up and choose which song they’d like to sing with the class. Everyone loves it as they get to make the choice of song that the rest of that class sings – they feel a sense of ownership.

We are currently creating life-size portraits of ourselves. This week we did the first step of outlining our bodies on paper. Next week we will add features and decorate our bodies. A fun activity to further explore Who We Are.

Thank you for reading!


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