Book Week!

We had a fun Friday celebrating Book Week by dressing up as our favourite book characters and going on a Book Character Scavenger Hunt around the school.

We found Gerald and Piggie, who read us a story.


Mouse and Bunny, where we had to find their airplanes that had crashed into the bushes.

Curious George:

We met Harry Potter who showed us a spell.

We had to count how many caps on a peddler.

we met Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

We helped Maisy find her toothbrush, panda bear and blanket so that she could go to sleep.

Finally, we met David where we shouted “NO DAVID!” when he did something bad.

But our favourite was meeting Peppa Pig where we got to jump in muddle puddles with her!

What a busy morning!

International Week!

We have a great time last week celebrating International Week!

On Monday, Lucas and XiaoMi’s Mums came in to share some traditional Chinese snacks with us: some children enjoyed them a lot, others were not so keen!

On Tuesday we had Lara’s Mum come in to read us a story (Monkey Puzzle), in Chinese – all the children were very engaged and interested to see if the monkey would ever find his Mum!

Later that day, Pierce’s Mum came in to share some Mexican culture with us. She showed us papel picado, which are colourful flags made of tissue paper each with an intricate design cut into them. These are put on display for special celebrations and occasions. We then did a piñata craft, gluing coloured paper onto paper donkey cut-outs. We ended our morning listening and dancing to Mexican music, specifically the Ballet Folklorico.

On Wednesday, Lily’s Mum came in to do a craft with us using a well-known Canadian symbol: the maple leaf. We used red and yellow to paint over maple leaves, so that when the paint dried and we removed the maple leaves, we had our own maple leaf tree!

On Thursday, Lucy’s Mum came in to share with us the traditional Korean dress, hanbok. She had brought in Lucy’s hanbok and showed us what it looked like and the different pieces one person wears. We then watched a video about the different hanboks a person wears depending on the occasion. We also listened to a well-known Korean children’s song, “Three Bears.” We ended our time learning about the Korean culture with a craft where we decorated paper hanboks and put them onto popsicle sticks with our faces so that we were all able to have our own hanboks!

We ended our week with the International Day Parade and a potluck outside with Nursery A.

Thank you to Jackie, Maria, Snow, Adhar, Karie and Susan for coming in to share some of your cultures with us and thank you all for joining us at our post-parade potluck!

Learning Comes Alive!


Thank you to all who were able to make it to our Learning Comes Alive this past Thursday! It was great to see all the children show you their favourite things to do in the classroom, sing their favourite songs and read a few of their favourite books with you. Hopefully now you have an idea of how your children spend their mornings.




Hello and welcome to the Curious Cats blog! Here, I will post updates about what we are doing in class as well as any important events and dates to be aware of.

Last week we introduced a Song Board to our circle time that has pictures of all the songs that we like to sing. Each child then gets a turn to come up and choose which song they’d like to sing with the class. Everyone loves it as they get to make the choice of song that the rest of that class sings – they feel a sense of ownership.

We are currently creating life-size portraits of ourselves. This week we did the first step of outlining our bodies on paper. Next week we will add features and decorate our bodies. A fun activity to further explore Who We Are.

Thank you for reading!