The past two weeks the KB students have been on a mini inquiry/challenge. They were given four pictures. With each picture students talked about what they saw in the photo, what was happening/what was the person doing, and then they tried to mimic the actions presented in the picture. Each picture took 1 day and was used as a warm up to math time. On the 4th day I asked the question, “What is the same about all the photos”. There were a lot of answers ranging from, “They all have white” to “There’s people in all of them”. Finally after 2 weeks and a couple hints they discovered that all of the pictures are of MATH! In the coming weeks we will delve deeper into what is math? and what do mathematicans do? In order to keep our minds open and begin to see math everywhere! As these thinking routines become part of our warm up we have also played simple number sense games, practiced number writing formation, and have used the book “How Many?” to dive into counting with lots of possibilities.

It took KB Ss 8 days to find the connection between all 4 pictures. We talked about the idea of productive struggle and that if I just told them answer their minds wouldn’t have had to work.

Students playing a simply math game that requires counting and one to one correspondence.

Ss playing the counting math game together

Finding multiple answers to the question, “How Many”

Studnets using a number chart together to figure out how to write the number 12 as they work in their Math notebook

Each student chose a photo to use for counting. There are multiple answers per photo

A students finished math thinking + teacher underwriting

KG Unit of Inquiry: Wellness

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending parent conferences. Many conversations centered around the KB students expressing themselves and communicating. Below is a newsletter telling you all about our current unit of inquiry where students are focusing on the 4 lines of inquiry related to awareness of self and others.


Ipads in KB are used to enhance and document student learning.

This week students used the photo & markup features on the ipad to record their work.

Eventually this skill will help them upload posts to their personal SeeSaw accounts which parents and family members have access to.

Students also practiced using the app RAZKIDs which is an interactive reading app. Starting next week students will independently use this app during Reading Workshop. Students are scheduled to use RAZKIDs once a week in class. Beginning in October I will send home instructions and passwords for this app so that it can be used at home. I ask that you please refrain from downloading until that time so we can continue to practice RAZKIDs expectations in class.

A student taken photo of the object they made with playdough that starts with the /s/ sound. The student then used markup to write the word.

A student taking a photo of the word he constructured for the /t/ sound. It was his name, so it is blurred out ūüôā

Shared Reading

Every week KB has a some kind of text that we considered SHARED. Shared reading texts relate to our units of inquiry and help students learn basic pre-reading and reading skills. It helps us become confident readers. Most Fridays students will bring home part of their shared reading to read at home. This week they will bring home 2!

We focused on the book and song “My Body”. With the song we built our language around basic body parts. With the book we learned the sight word “my” and practiced using the pictures to help us read the words.

This Friday your child will bring home the My Body book and the lyrics for the My Body song. Please return the book on Monday. <РMy Body song Link

My Body book that will be brought home to be read as a family over the weekend


Parnter Reading

Partner Reading

KB learned that partners do more than just sit next to eachother. Reading partners can share their excitement for reading with eachother. On Tuesday we had a focus for independent reading- find pages that you absolutely have to share with your partner! Students used post-its to mark the pages they wanted to share. When they met with their partner they practiced not only sharing their marked pages, but explaining why they like that page and asking their partner questions about the page. Together they share eachother’s interests and make connections.

S. marking a page that she feels is important to show her partner

Sharing a “WOW” page

S. now sharing her WOW pages with her partner

Numbers & Interests

Thinking About Numbers

The first trimester of Kindergarten focuses on numbers 0-10. Some parents feel this is quite low, but students are really analyzing those numbers. This week the analyzing started with the shape of the numbers. What shapes/peices are used to create the written numbers? Students collaborated to use their bodies to form numbers 0-9 .

Additionally, subitizing is a skill that allows students to see a visual representation of numbers in groups with fluency. Students used dot cards with different variations of dots to play a simple match game. Each student turned over two cards, if the total number of dots was 5 then the student got to keep the set.

The Number 5

One group talks about what peices they will need to form to create the number 9

Playing the 5 match game. Turning over 2 cards that make 5.







She got a 5!











They all got 5!















Reading Interests

This week in KB students made progress towards understanding the Reading Workshop routines. Students named the topics they were interested in reading about, our classroom library was filled with books based on their interests, and students finally got their own book boxes to house books that they want to read! Some of the interests in KB include sea animals, transportation (trains,cars,trucks), people in the community, and their favorite characters such as Clifford and Pete the Cat. During independent reading times students focused on finding their reading spaces and looking at the pictures in the books of their interests. Next week students will delve deeper into reading pictures and sharing their books with a reading partner! 

Students often choose the create their own spaces/furniture using big wooden blocks. As the year progresses they will get more creative with how they use the classroom space.

Students find a space of their liking. It can always change from one reading time to another. The goal is for students to feel comfortable at home when experiencng reading.

 Dinosaurs are always a crowd favorite in KG.

Students have individual book boxes where they store story books of interests and soon will have levelled books of their choosing.

Play- It’s Part of Our Routine!

In KB students have inside play time every morning and 3 times for outside play.

In KB we view play as a necessary part of learning and a way to grow socially and emotionally.

During play time students have access to toys, books, writing materials, and math manipulatives. The toys and materials available change throughout the year and have connections to units of inquiry. In the beginning of the year play serves as a way to students to get to know eachother, students to get to know the classroom, and for teachers and students to spend authentic time together.

Later in the year students will transition into productive play which uses the skills students develop in different areas.

Train play includes multiple materials & lots of friends coming in and out of play

Access to materials that promote numeracy available during play to be used open endedly

Cutting & gluing during play – building fine motor skills

Access to materials that promote numeracy during play to be used open endedly

Children go to 3 different playgrounds throughout the day

Risky play helps students build confidence and gross motor skills

The First Day of KG

Today was an exciting day- Day One!

Check out what we did today.

Exploring the Classroom Library

With comfy couches and lots of books it was easy for KB friends to starting reading! With friends they looked at pictures and some friends found words they knew!

We Are Writers!

We learned that writers make books and that we are writers too! After getting some information on what a writer might need to get to work the KB family found all the supploes they need in the classroom to start drawing!

We Are a Team!

The KB Family played 2 team building games today. The first was passing around a ball using our FEET isntead of hands! The second involved more critical thinking as each student tried to make their way through the path known only in Mrs. Erlendson’s brain!


So Much More!

We didn’t get photos of everything, but some we did get to PLAY, practice lunch procedures,¬† and visit Creative Arts with Mrs. Lill.